The first quote of Serge Benhayon above states:

“Sacredness is the movement of multidimensionality in human form”

and that really says it all. It is the heavens expressing through us if we but allow it.

However, how many of us consider that we are innately sacred? That is not something we are generally taught. Instead some religions teach us that we are sinners and others that sacredness applies to something outside of ourselves such as a building, object or even another human who holds a religious title and is deemed a representative of God.

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The word sacred

When you honour yourself deeply, you feel your truth, and with that your sacredness.

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A fresh take on sacredness

True ‘Sacredness’ and re-developing our personal relationship with it.

Whilst we were each breathed forth as Gods from God and carry that Divinity within us in equal measure, for most of us that is not our daily, lived, embodied experience – so there is a process of return and a reclaiming of our innate sacredness required.

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Is your true essence spirit or Soul?

Developing a relationship with your true, inner-most essence.

In the early stages it can get a bit tricky, as when we start to develop a relationship with our inner we may encounter either our spirit or Soul.

It is essential to understand the difference between spirit and Soul. The Soul is our true Divine essence and the spirit is the wayward imposter at the root of all harm – an individuated expression in separation from the Soul. You can read more about the spirit and Soul with either of the above links and listen to an introduction in the below audio.

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The difference between spirit and Soul

The difference between spirit and Soul is one of the most important teachings you could ever listen to. The Soul is Divine and it works with love only and the spirit works with everything that is not love. The spiritual journey is to render the spirit naught so that you can become Soul-full.

One aspect of reclaiming our sacredness is to set a standard below which we never drop and from which we can evolve.

For example, for one person it could be that I do not accept being hit whilst for another it could be that I never swear.

A sacred point or mecca point is a registered point we do not drop below. And by not dropping below this marked point, we establish a foundation of energetic integrity that cannot be waivered no matter what is thrown at us. This is what makes us unshakeable and acts as a point of stillness and steadiness amidst ‘the storm’ that life can throw our way. We will each have different registered sacred points according to our development.

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Sacredness – registering a mecca point

Is having a beer sacred to the person who loves having a beer? Find out how sacredness applies in everyday life.

Another essential aspect to sacredness is having true role models that become our own personal reference (mecca) point of all that is sacred and as our connection with our Soul deepens, becoming true role models ourselves so we reflect to others what is our true normal.

Currently for many young people, sending nude selfies on their phone, trolling, self-harm and cutting is normal. For some adults being hard, not making their beds, comparison, drinking alcohol, eating more than their body needs, arguing and so forth, are normal.

Yet in-truth, none of these behaviours are normal in the sense that they do not come from the love and warmth we each in essence are. However, they are very common due to the fact that we have established a way of living and communicating with each other that is based on our separation to the light of our Soul. If we are to inspire true change in the world then it is our responsibility to set completely different standards of what is normal that do not contribute to abuse in any way.

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Can we handle being role models?

We’ve got to set a completely different standard of what is normal.

Natalie Benhayon is a woman who lives and breathes Sacredness and is accordingly a role model to countless women and men. You can find out more about Natalie here.

Amongst many other things Natalie presents how the female body is responsible for bringing the quality of sacredness into form and yet we are living very far from that truth. How many of us treat our bodies as temples and take care not to pollute them with toxic thoughts or substances?

Find out more about this in the next audio where Natalie in June 2016 was presenting to a group of women in England.

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Sacredness and the responsibility of women’s bodies

The sacredness of a woman’s body, the responsibility of this and what it means in everyday life.

And here is another Natalie audio excerpt, this time from a July 2018 presentation to a group of women in Australia, looking at the setup we are born into by way of a model of life that bombards us from every angle that seeks to shape us into anything and everything that is not sacred. For example when we go to school we are not supported to nurture our sacredness and set standards we do not drop below. Standards that support each other to do the same so we hold ourselves as equals. Instead we are taught that competition is ‘healthy’ and that it is ‘normal’ to be in constant comparison with our peers, which is very eroding to our self-worth.

Sacredness does not compare. It simply says: this is me and this is what I live and it is of equal beauty to who you are and what you live but if either of us drop below this standard, then we are causing harm both to ourselves and each other.

A relationship founded on sacredness is therefore not about finding fault or criticism but about supporting each other to stay true to who we are so no abuse enters the equation.

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Let’s talk about lack of self-worth

Which are we more familiar with lack of self-worth or sacredness? Looking into our model of life where we are taught competition, comparison etc rather than being adored for our sacredness.

Whilst the above two presentations were presented to women, it is important to note that Sacredness is not about gender but the innate Divinity we all share.

Therefore, sacredness can express through both male and female bodies equally as the Soul is hermaphroditic and comprised of both the in-breath of God (the energetic quality of femaleness which represents repose) and the out-breath of God (which is the energetic quality of maleness representing the motion aspect).

Sacredness is a quality that cannot be switched on and off, it lives throughout our day and night. The quality of repose, which includes our evening sleep, is what determines the quality of motion during our day and equally how we live the day determines the quality of our sleep.

You can find out more about Repose and Motion and God’s rhythmic In-Breath and Out-Breath in Unimedpedia Repose and Motion (coming soon).

“If you disrupt the sacredness of the repose part of the day, which is our sleep period, you guarantee disharmony and unrest, thereby bringing imbalance and no true rebuild to the quality of how you will do all that you will do and encounter thereafter. Needless to say - true quality of sleep is very important.”

Serge Benhayon Teachings & Revelations for The Livingness Volume III, ed 1, p 66

Sacredness is not to be drawn from human standards. We are in fact multidimensional beings with tremendous sensitivity. We are vaster than our physicality and what we see. We are all out of this world innately sensitive, but when we do not honour our sensitivity we narrow or shut it down and end up in reaction and far away from expressing our true sacredness and heavenly qualities. This is true for both men and women.

One of the killers of sacredness and sensitivity is comparison (the measuring of our own worth against another’s) and settling for human standards over setting a benchmark that is based in Heaven and thus free of harm.

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Sacredness, comparison and settling for better

Find out what sacredness is and how comparison and betterment can trick us.

When we consolidate what we know is true we make it sacred. That which we know is true is free of the lies that seek to suffocate the expression of this truth.

We have all witnessed too much abuse on this planet. At a point it becomes about zero abuse. We are all a God and from God and lies and abuse are absolutely not our natural way. Abuse can only occur when we do not honour and treasure our innate divinity.

Sacredness is something to be held very dear – like a chalice of pure gold, it is the absolute truth of who we are.

“Understand that sacredness is at the core of being; it is your be-ingness. And therefore, each and every part of your body holds a depth of delicateness that is beyond human. So, go ahead and reclaim your sacredness; you will then enrich us all with more than we are.”

Serge Benhayon Teachings & Revelations for The Livingness Volume III, ed 1, p 284

Teachings of Serge Benhayon presented and compiled by Nicola Lessing and Liane Mandalis

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