Plastic surgery, designer vaginas & true beauty

Plastic Surgery, “Designer Vaginas” & TRUE BEAUTY

Plastic surgery, designer vaginas & true beauty

The number of 18 and 19 year olds undergoing breast augmentation in recent years has been increasing exponentially. Labiaplasty, the surgical reduction of a woman’s labia, is now popular amongst girls as young as 14 and the procedure has increased fivefold in the UK alone as more and more women and young girls seek to attain “Designer Vaginas”, a standard of ‘genital beauty’ set by the porn industry now so easily accessed and viewed on the internet. The plastic surgery industry is booming in the developed world despite recessions and financial slumps, as our search for beauty reaches more and more extreme and alarming measures.

Discontent ...

These staggering statistics and trends reveal the increasing discontent felt in younger women with how they look that extends to the act of sex itself.

Images of beautiful women in the media including the porn industry, bombard us with this ‘body beautiful ideal', influencing and determining what beauty looks like and that this beauty is about ‘performing’ with “designer vaginas” on show.

This sought after and advertised beauty is emulated at times to shocking lengths, and has influence upon most, if not all women across all ages. With many women wanting to be noticed, recognised, accepted or liked because of how they look, isn’t this need of ours only being used, sold, traded and marketed by industries that in turn, work to feed or satisfy our demand/need?

And deep down, are we really and truly OK with our looks and beauty being such constantly graded and traded hot commodities up for sale? ... Read more on this topic in an article by Adrienne Ryan – Is True Beauty REALLY found in the Eye of the Beholder?

Beauty missed & forgotten ...

How disconcerting must it be for the younger generation of girls growing up with low confidence and self-esteem, only for this to be reflected back to them by older women - potential role-models, who are as equally dissatisfied with how they look?

Somewhere along the line, have we as women just made a trade-off and disconnected from something else far more precious and far more beautiful than relying solely on our physical appearance? And could it be that we’ve actually given up on ourselves and long forgotten this real or true beauty (that we miss deeply). Could it be why we seek to fill ourselves up from the outside to tick all the necessary boxes?

Perhaps if we started to re-connect back to ourselves, we could get back on track and begin to rekindle and feel our forgotten beauty – a deeper, richer, much more true beauty that is innate within us all.

Beauty & self-care : nurturing who we are as women ...

When a woman looks beautiful but doesn’t feel beautiful, the beauty on the exterior doesn’t last. Make-up tends to hide, not enhance or even celebrate the contours of her face. Her eyes lack glisten or sparkle if she is feeling dull and worn out.

But what would happen if we made the active and consistent choice to really take care and deeply nurture ourselves? What if we began to discern what foods we eat; how we eat even; give ourselves time and space rather than always and only allowing this for others; allow ourselves to rest deeply; start to say ‘no’ to things that don’t feel right or true to us; start to say yes to listening to and respecting our physical bodies and sense of harmony and wellbeing.

Real beauty is a quality found through deeply nurturing ourselves as a woman. When this quality is cherished through simple acts of deep self-care, our natural inner beauty starts to emanate through our body and face regardless of our age, body shape or size, skin or hair colour. Our eyes glow and sparkle – because we do!

‘Beauty time’ : a re-education ...

Making time for ourselves amidst all the busy-ness and pressures of life, to appreciate our bodies in their capacity of being female in form, may support us back to our natural gentleness and who we naturally are as women. The opportunity then arises to feel our natural tenderness and delicateness which when expressed holds far more beauty than any air-brushed billboard picture, or plastic surgery ‘solution’.

True beauty comes from our own deep connection, acceptance and celebration of who we naturally are as a woman.

Perhaps if we started to re-educate our young girls and daughters about the importance of this and support them to feel it is within that their true beauty rests – having embraced and celebrated this first amongst ourselves – it may well be a beauty that one day is accepted, endorsed and even advertised by our society as well . . . such that the degree of disenchantment and lack of confidence amongst women about how they look and feel about themselves would drastically diminish. And, as women we would start to remember that all we have to do is to stop all the trying, all the comparing and the measuring, and start to look within – to feel and know the immense quality of true beauty and tenderness that has been there all along waiting to just be.

"Women have got to change the paradigm that says, "we can, we can, we can do anything", into – "let's honour, let's honour, let's honour our bodies deeply."

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  • By Katerina Nikolaidis, MA Hons PG Dip

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