Women – let’s be honest with ourselves!

Women – let’s be honest with ourselves!

On International Women’s Day we present how women take on many roles in life and they perform those roles to the detriment of their own body and override how they really feel.

What would it be like for women if they were to honour how they truly felt instead of overriding their feelings and would their choices change if they were really honest with themselves?

In this audio Natalie Benhayon takes a look at what it is that makes women of all ages and even young girls override their natural way of being and the choices they make to best manage their lives:

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Why women override and hurt themselves with ideals

This excerpt presents a great explanation as to why women often avoid being honest about their feelings and their choices.

"Your daily deeds and chores do not add up to your worthiness, for the loveliness was there at the birth of the day."

Serge Benhayon Esoteric Teachings & Revelations, p 593

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