Am I in the right job?

Am I in the right job?

Am I in the right job?

How many times have you, or people you know, said ‘I hate my job’, ‘it’s boring’, ‘I’m not motivated’, ‘I want to do something more meaningful’, ‘I want to do something that really helps people’ . . .

These are common catch-cries and ones possibly most of us have uttered at some time in our lives. But is there any truth to these statements?

In this video, it is suggested that when we connect to ourselves and become really present in the work that we do, we often realise we are actually in the right job after all! Changing companies, industries and careers can consume our whole lives, as we forever seek to satisfy our unquenchable thirst for true purpose and satisfaction. But what if being connected with ourselves and connecting with all others was all the purpose we needed? That could mean we could do practically any job.

In truth, we all have the ‘same’ job because everything we do is for people, whether it be directly or indirectly, to provide a product or service to customers.

There is a person on the receiving end of every job. In realising this, it brings purpose to what we do and the way we are with our colleagues, clients, students, or suppliers. We can meet them as equal human beings and be satisfied in the fact that we know we are doing more than a good job simply by doing this.

Life is about people, and our jobs are simply a medium for this human connection.

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  • Photography: Rebecca UK, Photographer

    I am a tender and sensitive woman who is inspired by the playfulness of children and the beauty of nature. I love photographing people and capturing magical and joyful moments on my camera.