An Introduction to Esoteric Yoga – simple everyday movements

An Introduction to Esoteric Yoga – simple everyday movements

The focus of Esoteric Yoga is on the quality of connection and presence we have with the body and its movements. By developing a re-connection with ourselves in this way the quality of stillness that is within us becomes more familiar and we begin to feel the effect that moving from stillness has in our lives. We start to build a steady ease and presence of being, which we can take into our day-to-day lives.

In this experiential 11-minute video we introduce part of the Esoteric Yoga template. Starting in a supportive seated position, moving to a supine position, we bring attention and focus to how we are feeling in our body and being, while keeping the mind with the body as it moves.

Before we begin and as part of preparing a loving supportive space for you, here are a few tips to support the body to let go and surrender more deeply.

  • Heated room if chilly
  • Comfortable clothing and socks
  • Mat or padded base for you to lay on
  • Cushion under the buttocks if needed to support your lower back while sitting
  • Pillows for your head and under the knees (if needed) when laying down
  • Blanket and anything else you feel will support your body
  • Eye pillow or eye mask to support a steady inner focus
  • A space where you will not be distracted

You may also choose to sit against a wall to support your back if needed, or bend one knee while in the seated position, as you will see demonstrated in the video.


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  • By Vicky Geary, B.Bus (Accountancy), Dip.Yoga Teaching, Dip. Training & Assessment, Grad Dip. Childhood & Youth Studies

    Vicky has been working in private and public colleges in Australia for over 15 years and shares body awareness education with adults and young people. She combines learning and technology to make programs accessible and relatable to life.

  • By Victoria Picone

    A forever student of life and the grand universe we are a part of. I am a woman who is dedicated to true health and wellbeing, from the inside out. I love the ever-unfolding nature of life, the people in it, and nature’s beauty… reflecting our own.

  • Video: Clayton Lloyd