10 things the diet industry don’t want you to know

What the diet industry doesn’t want you to know

10 things the diet industry don’t want you to know

If the diet industry is successful, why do we have an obesity crisis?

In Western nations, consumers spend billions of dollars on dieting products (over $56 billion in the US[i] and almost $800 million in Australia in 2010-2011[ii]) in the hope of losing weight. The evidence shows dieting does not work! Worldwide we are getting fatter and fatter.

"Women need to be true to their bodies. And if they were, few if any diet and food companies would get away with their marketing ploys."

Serge Benhayon Esoteric Teachings and Revelations, p 547

Here are 10 things the diet industry doesn’t want you to know:

  1. The True Solution: If you actually succeed in losing weight by dieting – even with the most reputable organisations – it is most likely you will put all the weight back on. In fact, 97% of people who lose weight by dieting will put all their weight back on. The diet industry knows its products fail but thrives on this failure as they can always say the person failed, not the product. They fail to address a true solution – that weight loss is more to do with how we feel about ourselves and our relationship to ourselves and our awareness, than our relationship with food.

  2. Weight Gain: The more people diet, the more weight they gain in the long term.[iii]

  3. Making Money: The diet industry makes money out of people losing weight, gaining it and needing to lose it again. So it is perhaps not in the diet industry’s interests to ask a deeper question as to how this can occur when we have so many people with so much dedication striving to lose weight and failing.

  4. Old Patterns: If you try to lose weight by dieting you will most likely give up by the sixth week, if not before. This is most likely because an initial motivation to lose weight can only take you so far. What happens is that the old patterns we have kick in – the ones where we use food to get up in the morning, to kick start our day and to avoid our feelings of being angry, hurt or upset. If we do not learn a different way of living, so we do not need the energy boost, the emotional blanket or the barrier to our hurts, we may never stop using food in a way that harms us and our bodies.

  5. Your Body Image: The diet industry thrives on an impossible picture of beauty and a lack of self-acceptance that it feeds. It relies on your having a poor body image. You are led to believe you will have the body you want. The truth is, if you lose weight, you will have your body, only thinner. You may be lucky enough to have the body of a model – most times you will have your body with what you perceive as flaws and imperfections. In fact most women, even after losing weight and being at an ‘ideal weight’, report still looking in the mirror and seeing fat. This all comes down to self-esteem and self-loathing. We need to deal with those issues – your diet will not deliver that. The material that we present on this site offers a new way of working with these issues.

  6. Feeling Fat: Even thin people stand in front of the mirror and look for the imperfections – the belly fat, the fat butt, the fat thighs. This is not a fat issue – it is a body image and self-acceptance issue. "What you see in the mirror is always what you have felt first." ~ Serge Benhayon, Esoteric Teachings and Revelations, p 272.

  7. Feeling Happy: The diet industry often shows you fake ‘before and after’ shots where people are shown living happy healthy lives. It is set up for you to think that if you lose weight you will be happy. Being thin does not mean you will be happy. You will have all the same problems you had when you were overweight, unless you work on those as well as your weight.

  8. Still Feeling Fat: The fake before and after shots and the fake stories that make you think that you will live happily ever after if you are thin, can make you feel like a failure when you get to your goal weight and you don’t feel happy, let alone ‘happy ever after’. Especially if you still perceive yourself as ‘fat’. You most likely are not; it is simply that you have underlying issues of self-loathing or low self-esteem. These issues require more work than a few affirmations or friends telling you, “you look great”. These issues require a fundamental change in perception of what we value – do we value ourselves for how we look or how we are? If we can build upon valuing ourselves from how we are within, we can begin to develop a deeper connection with ourselves; from this not only does our self-esteem and confidence improve, our bodies have an opportunity to change too.

  9. Giving Up: If you are sold the idea that you will be happy if you lose weight (the weight loss industry thrives on selling us a happy life from losing weight) and you get there and you are not, what happens? Many GIVE UP and give up the healthy choices out of disillusionment. You could say we don’t have an obesity crisis – we have a crisis of people giving up.

  10. Who are the Experts: The diet industry, doctors and health professionals are not experts on losing weight. Weight-loss organisations are there to make money as their primary objective, not serve their clients. Doctors and health professionals rarely have specialist training in weight management[iv].

These 10 things the diet industry don’t want you to know are just the start of exploring the deeper issues underlying the enormous pain and abuse for men and women equally (poor body image, low self-acceptance and giving up), all feeding an industry that would not exist if we were to begin to like and love ourselves for who we are, and to care for and enjoy – even love – the body we live in.

"The true definition of discipline is always when you put self-love first – once you know something works to sustain you in your inner-most, where the esoteric is, it is no longer a discipline but becomes part of your loving way."

Serge Benhayon Esoteric Teachings and Revelations, p 381


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