Diets don’t work – let go of dieting for good

There is something going wrong if, for all the money we have spent on diets and losing weight, society as a whole is perhaps fatter than ever before.

This seems to be the case for most of us who have ever tried to lose weight by dieting. We have found that we can’t lose weight in the long term and, if we evaluate the evidence, we may find that diets don’t work.

What is the elusive factor that keeps some slim and others gaining kilo after kilo?

Medical science has come up with a myriad of explanations for why we put on weight – for example one labelled ‘hedonic hunger’ claims that you are driven by a primal response so that when you see food you want to eat it.

But how does any of this research help us stick to a diet and lose weight? The answer is, that it does not.

Are we left with the terrible possibility that we may be fat forever or overweight for all time?

It is likely that if we keep dieting that this will be so. What studies now reveal is that diets do not work to keep weight off long term – believe it or not they actually help you GAIN weight – that is in itself shocking!

So if diets don’t work, then what?

It may go against everything you know to suggest that to lose weight ... you actually need to stop dieting.

If this makes you think, “That can’t be right, I will never lose weight if I don’t diet!” simply consider:

  • How many diets have you been on?
  • Have you put back on all the weight you have lost, time and time again?
  • Is it possible that not one single diet worked?

If we have put weight back on after dieting, it is likely that we have blamed ourselves for not trying hard enough or for just being lazy.

Has it ever occurred to us to consider that the PRODUCT is faulty?! What if you were destined to fail – not through fault of your own – but simply because ... diets. don’t. work.

What if it is not you that failed ... but the fact that dieting almost certainly guarantees failure?

What then can return us to the true weight, shape and size for us?

You do not need to give up on weight loss – there is a true weight for us all – but, as evidence now shows, it is not going to be delivered by a diet.

We need to approach the problem differently.

Here we ask whether the answer to weight loss is to stop dieting and to start connecting.

We suggest that if we finally let go of dieting – yes, let go of the false hope that you would be okay if you could just stick to that diet – and finally recognise that DIETS DON’T WORK and look within to find a deeper connection with yourself, you can let go of dieting forever and return to your true weight from the inside out, instead of dieting from the outside in.

Have a listen to this audio ... the best diet for you isn’t something that can be told to you by someone else or read in a magazine. Everyone’s body is different and everyone’s body needs different foods. In this audio excerpt, Serge Benhayon expands on this and discusses how letting your body determine the right way to eat for you will allow your body to find its true weight.

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What is the best diet for me?

Choosing what to eat is not about losing weight or following the latest diet, it is an individual process of self-discovery as your body tells you what food best suits you.

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  • By Alison Greig, BA LLB(Hons), LLM(Hons, Grad Dip Psych, EPA Recognised

    Alison is a writer, life coach and a passionate advocate for true freedom of expression. Her legal and philosophical interests include regulation of cyber-abuse and cyber-crime, health care, freedom of religion and human rights.