Food Boxes – saving time or missing space?

Food boxes, what are we choosing – time or space?

Food Boxes – saving time or missing space?

It seems more often we are going for fast food options. Pre-packaged food may not be what we feel to eat, but if we are in a rush we go with what is convenient. Food can be delivered to our house in a box, or we can fuel up at a convenience store/ service station.

Many of us have found ourselves going through a fast-food drive-through for our meals. We can often feel it in our bodies after eating – the salty and sugary prepared food that makes us feel racy and hungry for more.

Meal boxes are a growing billion-dollar industry. Food boxes are marketed as a simple and time saving means to prepare dinner – they eliminate the planning, shopping and a lot of meal preparation. You can choose from a list of meal choices and have the box delivered to the door. Everything is measured in the box, including the spices to season the food. Cost-wise it is more expensive than shopping and preparing meals on your own, however more and more people are choosing the extra cost for the convenience and time saving food boxes offer. For some it may allow more time in the evening for work, meetings or other commitments. We live busy lives and can get caught up in the busyness and feel time poor. We are constantly looking for more time and sometimes cut out the things that support us to have a healthy supportive routine.

We end up in a position where time rules our lives.

When we are pressured by time we end up throwing out the things we normally do to support ourselves, such as exercise, cooking a nourishing meal for ourselves, resting and sleep, catching up with friends, etc.

What if when we hold a loving rhythm where we make space for exercising, cooking a nourishing meal means we don’t focus on feeling the pressure of time and time doesn’t rule us.

It may seem contrary, but instead of being caught up in time which led me to feel anxious, I have made changes in my life where I focus on the quality of how I do things and not how fast they are done. I also focus on routines in my life that are supportive, such as winding down my day after work with meal preparation.

I find that when I focus on the quality in how I do things, and not worry about time, I actually find I have space in my life.

When I slow down, I can appreciate myself and the quality that I bring in the moment. I find that I now enjoy many tasks that once felt like checklist items, which includes cooking meals after work. When I come home from work, I focus on winding down my day and preparing a meal to support me. I enjoy cutting vegetables and add the spices I feel to add that day. Every meal then supports the flow of each day, which is different. I sometimes light a candle when I sit at the table to enjoy my meal.

"When you focus on time, you decrease your space to fit things in. Use time as space instead of something that is moving"

Serge Benhayon Esoteric Teachings & Revelations Volume I, ed 1, p 471

What I have discovered in the feeling of the pressure of time, is we don’t feel the space that is always there.

Whether we choose a food box to go or prepare our own meals, we can focus on the quality in which we prepare and eat our meals. We can choose to grab something in a rush to keep busy, or we can focus on the quality we are in. I have found when I focus on the quality I bring, my day has a lovely flow, and part of that flow includes not rushing to eat my meals. It includes appreciating me and the meal I lovingly prepared. My day feels complete.

"How do we best deal with time? It needs to tick to you and not you to it"

Serge Benhayon Esoteric Teachings & Revelations Volume I, ed 1, p 471

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