The Food Pyramid is collapsing.

At last, the corrupting Food Pyramid is starting to crumble and it will not take long for a new era of food to evolve.

This article has nothing to do with fast food or takeaway foods of any speeds.

Every meal, seated or otherwise, or snack on the run, is an opportunity to takeaway a real experience of another dimension of life.

Every meal or snack and all choice or desire of food groups is specific to one’s evolution. The choice one makes for food will directly correlate to where one stands on the path of evolution –

Do you eat to be aware and evolve to the full potential of who you truly are? Or eat to dull yourself and cope with the many stressors of life? That said, evolution is not just about food; food is a small subset of that vast subject.

"Evolution is about the quality of expression and not the development of the physical vehicle that enhouses that expression "

Serge Benhayon A Treatise on Consciousness, ed 1

Our future is in a true way of living and not in the pursuit of corporeal based knowledge or the desire to own things. At this point, early in the twenty first century, there are a few pathfinders that are setting a new course for food, as part of that true way of living. Well, it is not so much a new course but a return to a very old course... a return to the teachings of the Ageless Wisdom

A few decades ago those ‘geniuses’ of the USA Government (via the USDA) gave the world ‘The Food Pyramid’ based on a foundation of carbohydrates that arguably launched humanity into its first and chronic global epidemic of obesity and diabetes – many contributing causes for diseases hang off this pyramid.

Nothing could have been further from the truth than this ill-founded Food Pyramid. The Pyramid has been and continues to be responsible for ‘safe-stamping’ an education of what to eat which is proven to have links to the countless premature deaths and suffering on a scale probably bigger than the efforts of Stalin and Hitler combined, with no end in sight. The Pyramid installed “low fat” as the mantra for healthy diets and everyone rushed to make squillions out of carbohydrates and sugar. Inflammation foods fired up our bodies and what followed is further fuel to the skyrocketing dementia, heart disease, diabetes, cancers and mental health problems. Genius.

More recently the “Food Pyramid" was modified to “MyPlate” (still USDA led, but with strong global influence). This was largely set up by scientists funded by the conflicted food industry and still advising to stay clear of the ‘pox of fat’.

However, we are our own lab rats and when it comes to food we have never needed corrupt, conflicted or irresponsible scientists to tell us what to do; the animal world is doing just fine without those scientists.

Also, there is an ever-increasing vanguard of responsible health professionals who are now standing up and taking on the establishment and its lackey industry cohorts. Change is coming.

As we enter the Food Court, the smells of bread, spices and fried everything fill the air. Until that moment we had not thought of that samosa. Yet, in truth, our sub-conscious particles had very much thought about it. Our desires to food can often be driven by our emotions and where they are, at that time, with each emotion being aligned to a particular food type at a particular moment. So, what may have happened quite some hours earlier and remains unresolved has already over-ridden those bodily particles that would otherwise be gearing up for more true discernment in food choice that allows for that continued path of evolution. Our inner and formidable forces, built up from a lifetime of bad habits and poor education, face off against the ever patient body’s particles; it has nothing to do with mind over matter – the whole body feels this conflict.

Here are some takeaways of what is really going:

  • Mistakes (with nutrition and all else) are made, sometimes recurringly so, because we need to thoroughly experience the consequences of our actions, to eventually achieve a true understanding. It is a recurring cycle, until we say “No, not again” and say that with a deep knowing that is truly felt by all our body particles.

  • When we are not yet ready to let go of the habit or the behaviour, we will time and again be tested to do so to acknowledge our emotions and let them go, or maybe even illnesses and diseases will be our wake-up call. Emotional experiences are always a teaching.

  • When we serially make the wrong choices, our very own human intellect berates us for not keeping our commitments. That intellect tells that us that we cannot be trusted. So, the cycle continues and when we berate ourselves yet again, the emotion returns to set off another testing cycle. This happens time and again, until we choose evolution and extricate ourselves from the negative vortex... Hence, the Self-Doubt further builds and plays a role – “whilst in self-doubt you will not seek truth and honesty, but rather you will seek escape and relief” – Serge Benhayon.

  • The body, comprising many thousands of particles, knows what is right – “The Body is the Marker of Truth” – Serge Benhayon. These particles are integral to a vast and universal ecosystem that is capable of pulsing in breath-taking synchronicity, unless that ecosystem is abused or tampered with by lesser forms of nutrition, ‘dumbing medication’ or reactive behaviours. The abuse of this ecosystem ultimately leads to a downward spiralling path. Have a listen to this short audio embedded in this article. The body is the key.

  • The communications of the body are always there, but we seldom register. The clearer the body, the stiller the behaviour, the louder the messages will become and the easier the understanding. A body sodden with alcohol and abusive substances, weighed down with gluten, racing with salt and sugar and moving in drive, can hear very little. We are being communicated with, but are we listening?

  • Never beat yourself up but rather have an attitude of being “a Master returning, but with living not yet mastered.”

  • Food – every food type is suiting your emotions, custom tailored for each person. Just the image of the dumbing down food types themselves is enough to set off the cycle. Consider the child, safely strapped in the back seat of the car, staring up at the advertisement splashed across the bus adjacent to his window – the catching rainbow-coloured image of “Fruit Loop Cereal” burns sharply into his every being so that twenty minutes later, his tantrum in the aisle of the supermarket could easily have been predicted. The marketing department had paid the bus company to warm up the child with those corrupting images. The child, by way of prior precedents of processed food breakfasts, was already vulnerable to this propaganda. The addiction takes over in a supermarket aisle when confronted by many images of junk food. We are controlled by images that we need to let go of.

  • All our food experiences play out well beyond our body. When we choose, prepare and eat food, we do so for our wider communities. How does the carbohydrate/ sugar addicted employee behave in the meeting at 3 p.m. when the body’s cravings set in? Certainly not with love to fellows at that meeting. How does the Boss behave when she arrives at work, racy from a late-night prior evening dinner held in a noisy restaurant and a meal rich with salt, sugar and laced with plenty of wine? Until her body has jettisoned those toxins, she is not the leader/ manager she could be; nowhere close. And so on. Every food type, every meal occasion, each food experience, all combine to have a direct correlation on how we behave with those we next connect with.

Enjoy these free takeaways! Ponder deeply.

With acknowledgement to Serge Benhayon and his 2016 Presentation: The Science of Symbolism Episode 4 ~ The Intelligence of Space

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