Serge Benhayon and the vexed question of food and alcohol

Serge Benhayon and the vexed question of food and alcohol

Serge Benhayon and the vexed question of food and alcohol

Food and rangehoods, gourmet cuisine, the latest celebrity chef, the ‘must have’ kitchen gadgets, a new eatery, what is hot and what isn’t . . . remind me; was it a chilli habanero or has someone come up with another cultivar yet?

Addictions, obesity and whole industries that cater for larger sizes – wheelchairs that can bear more weight, wider and larger stretchers, trained assistants for the obese so they can have sexual intercourse and conceive – yes, we have it all and more.

The best diet ever, more fads and trends, celebrity hot tips, sugar is in, fat is out, sugar is out, fat is in, alcohol in moderation, sponsored science, bad and good cholesterol, a tax on fast foods, Paleo, Ketosis – what next?

Candy bars at the supermarket checkouts, lollies in petrol stations, fudge in the hardware shop, milk in 3 litre containers, all you can eat buffets, a coffee shop at every corner, mobile food vans everywhere and super-size donuts – can we have it intravenously please?

Well, let’s leave this snapshot of frantic food activity behind and turn to philosopher, teacher and author Serge Benhayon. Never one to hold back, no matter how unpopular that might make him in some quarters, he has been presenting the energetic facts on food and alcohol as he knows and lives it since 1999.

Yes, you read correctly – Serge Benhayon only ever talks from what he has been living, lives consistently so and has found to work. And thus, he never gives advice and that leaves the listener or reader free to come to their own conclusions; it allows space to digest, yes, digest this fare and make full use of the freedom this mode of delivery accords. And not only that, it treats you as an equal and doesn’t ask anything of you. Besides, why try to convert anyone if what you are doing works so well and, may I add, for all to see, feel and experience? You just don’t need any confirmation for what you are feeling moment to moment in and from your body – your lived daily life is confirmation enough.

What is it with food and where could we be, suggests Serge Benhayon, had we taken to heart what Socrates said, more than 2000 years ago?

“Consider what would or could easily have happened if we, all of us, back then and there-ever-after, had taken full heed of what Socrates blessed us with over two thousand years ago when in his principal teaching he gave us the golden virtue that – we must eat to live and not live to eat (?). Answer: we would today not have the global problem of obesity, the burdens of being ‘overweight’ or the general ‘weight control’ plague not to mention its extended worldwide problem, the problem we know and call – the large-scale burden of ill health costs, which, in one way or another, affects us all.”

Serge Benhayon Time, Space and all of us, Book 2 – Space, ed 1, p 241

So what is it about Serge Benhayon and this vexed question of food and alcohol? What is it about the at times ferocious criticism if not downright abuse and supremacist stance adopted by some, when what he is presenting was not only written about 2000+ years ago but also gets more than its fair share in mainstream media nowadays?

Gluten free cookbooks and eateries abound, dairy free is gaining traction and louder and ever-increasing voices from authoritative sources are suggesting that alcohol in moderation is but a band aid for the real problem; there is no doubt that alcohol will eventually be seen for what it really is, much like what happened to tobacco. Please explain? Not that long ago science and medicine endorsed smoking for its relaxation and chilling-out benefits and when this was eventually debunked and science jumped on the bandwagon of what we had all always felt and known, big tobacco was taken to court for the deliberately addictive qualities of their product and the disastrous effects smoking, and that includes passive smoking, has on our health.

But then, we don’t like our comfort rocked too much and before we go anywhere near the real issues and facts of food and alcohol and see it for what it is, plus the havoc our lifestyle choices wreak in our body, the health system and personal and national budgets, we seem to be reasonably and soporifically content if not complacent in the face of our daily fare and overall, ever-increasing girth and health burden.

Could it be as simple as the fact that what Serge Benhayon presents on food and alcohol (and many other topics for that matter) is something we all already know because our bodies are speaking to us all day, loud and clear?

Could it be that we don’t like the responsibility this knowing leaves us with, the responsibility we all have … to make different choices?

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