Can food and love co-exist?

Can food and love co-exist?

Can food and love co-exist?

In a world of Fake News, Fake Media and Fake Marketing, the USA’s Food and Drug Administration (FDA) gets an award for its stand taken on Love; nothing fake about this regulator! The FDA has issued a warning to Nashoba Brook Bakery for its errant use of the word ‘Love’ which Nashoba used as one of the ‘ingredients’ for its Granola product. The FDA says: “‘Love’ is not a common or usual name of an ingredient, and is considered to be intervening material because it is not part of the common or usual name of the ingredient”[1].

Well then, if Love is the highest form of intelligence and we can use love in everything we do, then it is a real pity that the food industry cannot use this sweet four-letter word as an ingredient.

What if, in addition to adopting the highest standards of quality control, the highest standards of hygiene and the highest standards of occupational health and safety, a producer of food sets 'love' as its operating standards of excellence in every aspect of its business?

Imagine staff, management and shareholders truly united in love. Imagine the supply chain stakeholders and the producer truly connected by love. Imagine ingredients treated by all handlers with absolute love and care. Imagine if the marketing department’s messages were absolute truth, responsibility and accountability to the customers due to the producer’s mission statement being “We are in the business of creating a truly loving experience for everyone who experiences our products and services in any way”.

It would be unique for a Chairman of a media company to declare at the Annual General Meeting: “We are here to build a loving community by way of reporting the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the fully responsible truth. Nothing less. Period”. Imagine Health Professionals including in the Hippocratic Oath – "First do no harm and at the same time forever build a loving community". Imagine if Nashoba Brook Bakery was truly unique in its culture and that ‘Love’ was an ingredient of every aspect of the product and services, as evidenced by everything they do. They could have taken the FDA to court and won that one…

One day, Love will be the key ingredient in everything we do; not just food production, but everything. Then there will be no Fake News, no Fake Media and no Fake Food Marketing.

It may happen one day. Until then, perhaps the FDA is right – we cannot claim love as an ingredient. But it is a great conversation point.


  • [i]

    Marion Nestle – Food Politics 10th October 2017 “FDA says love is not a food ingredient”

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  • By Neil Gamble, Chairman & Director of Companies, Retired CEO

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