Food labelling standards and our food choices

Food labelling standards and our food choices

In this video, behaviour specialist Tanya Curtis talks about the change of quality in our foods compared to 30-50 years ago: where are we at with the quality of the food we put into our bodies?

Our food standards have dropped – we have gone from more raw and natural foods to foods high in sugar and highly processed. We need to pay attention to food and what truly supports us, our families, and the whole of humanity, and not just believe what the label says on the outside.

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  • By Tanya Curtis, Author, Behavioural Specialist, Assoc Dip Ed. (Child Care), BHlthSci. (BehMgt), MBehMgt, MCoun

    Tanya is dedicated to supporting people to understand and change their unwanted behaviours and live their full potential. Tanya’s deep care and love of people shines through all of the initiative she dedicates herself to.

  • Photography: Steve Matson, Electrical Engineer, Chef, Photographer, Forklift operator and student of life.

    I am someone that looks at something that is complicated and sees the simplicity behind it. Life needs to be fun and lived. Making mistakes is an important part of this process.