Dairy – think "pasteurised pus, antibiotics, inflammation and cancers"

Pasteurised pus, antibiotics, inflammation and cancers – why it’s time to cut out dairy

Dairy – think "pasteurised pus, antibiotics, inflammation and cancers"

The flat earth scientists are slowly being outed.

The future is a hybrid of complementary and modern, western scientific treatments. So, much of living medicine will in future be about addressing lifestyle diseases.

The developing human needs to take responsibility for one’s own lifestyle, which above all means living in a way that was the original ‘made for purpose’ and which will include being aware that much of what is offered around us is not it. We need to be aware that the food chain is largely corrupted by hunger for greater profit margins and indifference to the quality of their output, and that ‘Big Pharma’ is likewise there for the money and disinterested in the real quality of human life. Our improved lifestyles will dramatically reduce those food and pharma industries’ incomes and therein lies the tension between evolution and corrupted versions of capitalism.

High on the list of (mostly) contemporary mantras by functional medicine are the calls for everyone to go gluten free, dairy free, sugar free and by deduction, processed food free.

It increasingly seems that the reformist side of the medical profession is (amongst much else) pointing at gluten and casein (milk-based) protein compounds as holding a smoking gun when it comes to many of the most common chronic diseases. In layman’s terms, much damage can be accounted for by foods that cause inflammation and although not alone, gluten and casein are definite flame-throwers.

Dr Kelly Brogan[1], a well-known Board-Certified Psychiatrist, puts it this way:

“Immune activating and inflammatory proteins, such as those found in wheat and dairy products, may be critical triggers to consider. One of the most highly processed foods in our diet – wheat – is almost exclusively rendered as high-glycaemic flour, prepared with sugar, and often genetically modified vegetable oils that are oxidized (rancid).

Dairy is homogenised and pasteurised, creating a dead, high-sugar liquid with distorted fats, denatured proteins and thoroughly destroyed vitamins that cannot be absorbed.”

Dr Brooke Goldner, covering the ill-practice of dairy farming, the abusive milking processes and the consumption of milk and cheese products, has nothing positive to say about dairy. Her YouTube interview (Dairy Cameo: At 43 – 49 minutes) is worth viewing. Dr Goldner adds that when she thinks of dairy she “thinks of (pasteurised) pus, antibiotics, inflammation and cancer. It is gross”. In this video she explains “the horrendous cycle” of dairy production.

She also points out that cheese is addictive because it provides a morphine hit. In short, cheese contains casein fragments called casomorphins, a casein-derived morphine-like compound. Basically, dairy protein has opiate molecules built in and because it takes approximately 7 – 8 kilograms of milk to make a single kilogram of cheese, then cheese is effectively super-charged with a form of narcotics. When consumed, these fragments attach to the same brain receptors that heroin and other narcotics attach to.

Dr. Neal Barnard, author of The Cheese Trap[2], suggests that: “They (opiate molecules in cheese) are not strong enough to get you arrested, but they are just strong enough to keep you coming back for more, even while your thighs are expanding before your very eyes.”

“Basically, if milk is cocaine, then cheese is crack”.[2]

Whilst the effects of food on cognitive diseases seems still ever-developing, the functional medicine leaders are strongly suggesting avoiding gluten, dairy, sugar and all the processed derivatives.

However, there is another factor to consider – the energetic one.

This is where Serge Benhayon comes in. We can introduce as much self-discipline, willpower and diet fads as we like, but it is not going to make for real change.

"Purpose is the answer. And true purpose takes time to develop.
Eat to be aware.
Live in a manner that allows your human vehicle to be an instrument of multi-dimensionality."

Serge Benhayon 18th June 2018 in response to a Student Discussion Thread

The over-arching way is to understand the energetic part of the equation; only then can true and lasting changes be made. What we eat and how we eat are storybooks in themselves on our journey of nutritional enlightenment, which in truth is ultimately a journey of appreciating that “everything is because of energy”.

The destructive juggernaut of processed foods, primarily the making of the most recent generations, is the culprit. This is where our part comes in – eating for satisfaction, relief, distraction, obsession, fascination… in utter disregard of our physicality. What is our responsibility in the equation? We want it, they make it, in different flavours and strengths.

Until humanity slowly replaces the corruption, the conflicts and the flat earth exponents of the processed food and health industries with energetic integrity and energetic responsibility, then the man-made epidemic of chronic health conditions that is significantly contributing to the suffering of millions of people during the last decade(s) of their lives – and incurring premature deaths – will continue. The functional approach, if we adopt it in large enough numbers, may delay the medical catastrophe. It is only through the development of energetic integrity and through the willingness to treat the body as a vessel for divine expression that we will cease eating the food that annihilates our true quality.

Grasp this truth and we start to see the depth of the farce. Live it and we may at last call to a halt the industries that profit from the long-term avoidance of responsibility we have persisted with so obstinately.

For interest: Functional medicine wave makers:

Dr Dale Bredesen (USA) Dr Robert Lustig (USA) Dr Brooke Goldner (USA)
Dr Gary Fettke (Australia) Dr Mark Hyman (USA) Gregg Braden (USA)
Dr Aseem Malhotra (UK) Chris Kessler (USA) Dr Daniel Amen – Psychologist (USA)
Dr Mercola (USA) Dr Tim Noakes (South Africa) Dr Ranjan Chatterjee (UK)

For even greater interest:

Energetic responsibility is the missing ingredient, and this is being taught by: Serge Benhayon


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