How stimulants keep us away from feeling amazing all of the time

How stimulants keep us away from feeling amazing all of the time

How stimulants keep us away from feeling amazing all of the time

What is a stimulant?

Well, the obvious ones are alcohol, caffeine, nicotine, sugar and of course there are pharmaceutical and recreational drugs.

Many of us are aware that these don’t make us feel good or support good health so we will cut back or give them up completely. After some time without the aforementioned we realize that there are other foods with e.g. high sugar content that are stimulating as well, such as certain fruits or sugar substitutes, or even some vegetables like potatoes.

And there are others that you might discover as you become more observant of how things affect your body.

How does the body work?

To understand what a stimulant does in the body we need to remember the fact that the body works in homeostasis – that means it constantly works to sustain vitality and balance for our survival and wellbeing. There are plenty of mechanisms at work all of the time, reflected by certain parameters (blood pressure, blood sugar, hormones, pH-value etc.) that we cannot overstep without serious damage to our body or even death, and we use these parameters as diagnostic tools to evaluate how the body is doing.

What does a stimulant do in the body?

Stimulants create a high in the body, which is eventually followed by a low. That means a stimulant creates an emergency in the body as it interferes with its natural balance, therefore it creates a spike in a certain parameter like high blood sugar or in the case of caffeine it spikes the adrenaline/cortisol levels.

The body is forced to gather its resources into dealing with this stress factor. Isn’t that interesting, that a stimulant from the body’s perspective is a stress factor? Usually the body can deal with a stress factor easily, however it does need energy to do so and naturally afterwards it is a bit depleted and needs time to regenerate and build up its resources again.

If we start to drink coffee every day, or even several times a day, the body will even adapt to that condition and develop coping mechanisms for that. And we know it can put up with a lot over quite some time. However…

What is the message we are giving to the body when we are using stimulants?

Using stimulants we teach ourselves that after a high, meaning after a so-called beautiful moment, comes a low that is a not so pleasant moment.

We ingrain this message into the body every time we use a stimulant. So whenever we experience an amazing moment we anticipate the next moment to be less because that is all the body knows. The crazy thing is that all we get is a few seconds of a great tasting food or drink followed by a few hours or even days of discomfort or feeling low. We are often not even aware of the discomfort because it has become so normal to feel that way. But where do we think this feeling of misery actually comes from? Is it because we are searching for something to make up for what is lacking in our lives but because it doesn’t last it leaves us feeling worse than before?

Do stimulants give us energy?

Now we often hear things like: “without my coffee I cannot wake up”, or “I need coffee to get through the day”, which is at least honest to the fact, opposed to claiming that consuming coffee is only because of taste but definitely not out of need.

But we need to be clear that stimulants do not actually give us energy but quite the opposite, they drain us and over time they deplete us as we are putting stress on the body on an everyday basis.

So let’s consider and ask ourselves:

  • Could it be that part of why we cannot get out of bed in the morning is because we drink coffee?
  • Could it be that part of why we cannot make it through the day is because we eat sugar?
  • Could it be that part of why we cannot relax and touch base with ourselves after a day’s work is because we drink alcohol?
  • Could it be that craving a moment with ourselves is partly why we are smoking?
  • Could it be that stimulants keep us on a merry-go-round of suffering and false solutions that actually keep us away from feeling amazing?
  • Could it be that the reason we are drawn to stimulants in the first place is because there is something missing in the way we live that we are trying to artificially replace or replicate?

And the subsequent question would be: is there a way of living that truthfully supports our body to easily and naturally sustain its harmonious balance so that we could feel healthy, vital and amazing most of the time?

Now this is a question that is consistently asked and explored on Unimed Living and the multitude of testimonials from people living and experimenting with these teachings show how successful Universal Medicine and Serge Benhayon are in providing the possible answers to these questions.

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