My experience of the Esoteric Breast Massage

My experience of the esoteric breast massage

My experience of the Esoteric Breast Massage

On first hearing about the Esoteric Breast Massage I felt cautious, but I had to know more. It was a feeling of having to get over all the judgements and questioning that I had and move towards the experience of the treatment.

I booked my first session, and I have to say from that point I did not look back.

The Esoteric Breast Massage (EBM) is a beautiful, tender treatment, and from experiencing this tenderness in the session I came to realise that being tender with myself was something that had, so far in my life, evaded me. Or more to the point, I had avoided.

My self worth was on the floor, and so for this reason it had been easy to make choices that did not support my body, such as not respecting my body's need for restful sleep, eating and drinking things that had an adverse effect in my body, and expressing myself, both verbally and physically, in a way that was disrespectful not only to myself, but to others too.

I have since had many EBM sessions, and over time I have been developing a deeper relationship with myself, exploring the depths of the tenderness that I, along with all women, innately hold inside.

It has been an interesting and ongoing journey of self-development, as all the beliefs I have around my breasts are gently discovered and released. My relationship with my breasts had been one of using them as tools for attention; I had objectified them and not related to my breasts as part of my body.

Through the EBM sessions I have been able to look at these beliefs and come to the realisation of the fact that the breasts hold a nurturing quality that is first and foremost there for me.

This was huge, as in the bucket of my beliefs my breasts were only there to nurture a child or for the pleasure of others.

To re-connect with the nurturing energy that is within has been a life-changing experience. It has supported me in taking a closer look at how I choose to live on a daily basis and the choices I make along the way.

I have developed a deeper respect for my body and as a result now make caring choices that are supportive instead of harmful. The knock-on effect of developing a more tender relationship with myself has been that all my relationships have been touched with this level of tenderness. The fact is, that if I am choosing to express in a tender way, everybody gets to feel the tenderness. From this point they have a reminder that they too can express in that way.

It has been amazing to explore a way of being that offers us the potential to express from love and tenderness, as opposed to reacting and magnifying any tension that may be there.

On a physical level my breast size has reduced to a size that feels more true for me. My breasts had previously been larger and bloated. I now realise that this was mainly due to the heavy energy of the beliefs I was holding on to in regards to my breasts, and how I saw myself as a woman.

I now have a truer feeling of how it is to be a woman and see that I previously had quite mistaken ideas of what it was to be a woman, all based on the pictures of what the outside world portrays.

In re-connecting to my innermost tenderness and delicateness, I now have a truer understanding and feeling of what it is for me to be a woman; I have allowed myself to let go of the expectations and pushing that I had felt was required of me in order to be a woman in today’s society.

I have learned that I do not need to push myself or my body, or to prove myself to be super woman.** The way for me to embrace being a woman is to honour what I truly feel from inside and not be governed by outside pictures.**

For each woman this may look slightly different in expression, but the common factor is that we all have an innate tenderness and nurturing quality, which is beautiful to connect with and express.

The Esoteric Breast Massage is a treatment that has truly supported my return to a truer expression of the woman I am, offering the opportunity for me to re-connect to that, that which I know myself to be – a beautiful, divine and tender woman, and this is available for everyone. As women we have a natural knowing of how to be, and the Esoteric Breast Massage is a treatment that is key in unfolding this truth.

I continue to have EBM sessions in support of the woman I am and in the knowing that there is always a deepening, inviting me to explore more of the depths of tenderness.

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