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When we think about ‘getting better’ we want to return to ‘good health’. But what IS this good health that we are looking for?

Is good health feeling better than we did when we felt really bad?

Is good health the absence of medically diagnosed illness and disease?

Is good health being on medications but not suffering the excess of the disease?

Or is good health feeling truly vital and well?

Could it be possible that our understanding of what is good health is related to how we feel in comparison to an extreme of what we consider is poor health? That is, do we say we are ‘well’ simply because we are not bedridden with the flu or cancer for example?

How many times do you find yourself saying that you are ‘well’ and in good health, even though you are tired every day, with regular headaches, reaching for sweet treats, caffeine, feeling stressed regularly and reaching for wine at the end of the day to unwind from it all?

Is it really healthy to feel stressed, even though you may not have a significant medical illness?

Could it be possible that there is more to good health than we could even imagine possible?

Good health is not the absence of medically diagnosed disease. It is:

  • feeling well and vital from the inside out
  • feeling energised
  • feeling lovely and open with people
  • being able to be active and to contribute in the world
  • feeling joyful and harmonious; it is having great relationships with people, feeling complete and lacking in agitation
  • being able to be agile in the body every day without pain, stiffness or discomfort
  • being able to see clearly and so forth

Not many people can say that they experience truly good health.

To achieve truly good health, we need to heal.

What is it to heal?

To heal is to heal the underlying root cause of what is creating what we call ill health.

If we do not cure the underlying driver of our ill health, or aspects of ill health, then we have a momentum and potential to continue to create episodes of ill health and then more continuing ill health. If there is a ‘cause’ that is untreated or unresolved, it will continue to produce ‘effects’ in the body until it is removed from the body.

When we are sick, what we usually do is look at removing things that are making us feel less well – for example, we look to stop drinking lots of coffee if we are feeling agitated, and can’t sleep, or removing sugar from our diet if we are feeling racy or overweight, and have heard of people quitting sugar to feel better. These are all great things to do.

But, the important question here is WHY are we consuming those things that make us feel unwell in the first place? If we do not look at WHY we were consuming those things in the first place, we will not have truly good health, we will only have better health with less physical and emotional discomfort.

Scientifically we know that there is a ‘cause’ for every ‘effect’. In another way of speaking, ‘something’ is responsible for creating ‘something’! Nothing happens without something causing it to happen.

Symptoms and the way we feel in our bodies are ‘effects’ and thus there is always something that has caused them.

In current approaches to health care, what we usually do is try and lessen the impact of the symptom or illness on the body, so we look at ways we can address the ‘effect’ in the body. This is important to do, but we need to truly address the underlying cause of our symptoms or they will continue to be a driver for ill health, with anything we do being only short-term solutions. If we do not address the true root cause of our symptoms, it will remain there to create more ill health in the future.

Dealing with the root cause of our symptoms is called 'healing' and this is what is needed to return the body to true health.

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The process of healing

The process of healing has to come from self-love, for without it, it is merely for relief and therefore there is no true healing.

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