We have to live medicine

From the esoteric point of view, medicine means to heal in full.

This says that medicine is more than something that merely gets rid of symptoms or makes us feel better. To heal in full, medicine must take us to or go to the root ill cause of the symptom – the original source of the symptom.

Medicine does what it does very well, as we can go to the doctor for a prescription or treatment that will have us feeling better again. But what happens if we only remove the symptom and do not take time to ask or consider why the symptom occurred in the first place? In this scenario we can get ill, be treated by medicine and then continue just as we were, where we go back to living in the exact same way as before without looking at what the condition was bringing for us to consider. More often than not, even at a basic level, we do not make any adjustments to our lifestyle or how we are in life every day.

Sure there are exceptions to this where people will change their diet, stop smoking, exercise more, etc (which is a great step), but are we getting to the real reason behind the illness or symptoms?

We call removing symptoms, medicine, but if we take it deeper, the actual symptom or ill condition itself is part of the medicine; the symptom is giving us an opportunity to feel or see what is going on and to take a look at how we are living, the choices we make and what we have done to our body up until that point in time.

If medicine means to heal in full, what does that signify and how does that apply to us?

Consider for a moment that, alongside the necessities of modern medicine, there is a part that we too can play, and in terms of our part, our greatest form of medicine is how we live. Everything we do every day has an impact on our body – the foods we eat, how we move and treat our body, how we work, our emotions, our thoughts, how we sleep and even how we breathe, all affect how our body is in life. Medicine is made up of the choices of how we live.

If we live in a way that is supportive and in line with our body, it is a medicine that will bring good health and allow us to heal, but if we live in a way that mistreats or disrespects the body this type of medicine leads to an ill in our body. Hence, when an ill symptom arises it is part of our medicine as we are being given a signal that the way we have been living is not in alignment to the body. This is an opportunity to correct the way we live so we can heal what it was that led to the illness in the first place.

Medicine that brings healing in full has to take into account more than just dealing with bodily symptoms; treatment must focus on the whole body and the whole being – the way that body lives, how it lives in relation to itself and how it lives with everything else that lives – that is medicine. It takes in everything that we do towards ourselves and everything we do towards others.

When we get sick, part of the healing comes from asking ourselves: “How do I sleep, eat, prepare the food, what is the quality I go to work with, how do I interact with others, how am I in relationships, how do I respond or react to life?” And by then making the necessary changes so that we live our medicine every day.

And thus, we have to live medicine, not just seek it to help the way we live.

If you have any conditions or persistent symptoms, you should see a registered medical doctor. This article offers no cure, and it is not in any way a replacement for conventional medical diagnosis or treatment. Read our full disclaimer.

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