The lie and the truth of the One Life

We are living a collective lie – that we have only one life, that we are born, we live in a linear way as we age and then we die, leaving it all behind and never coming back, so we had better make the most of it while we are here.

We are raised to think we are merely physical, that physical life is all there is. We are educated to think that we think, and that we are the source of our thoughts. We may think that we know what is going on, that we have control over our lives and how they play out, that if we put in the effort, we are entitled to a reward. We think that we own our bodies and that we have a right to do whatever we like with them. We can also think that life happens to us and that it is a result of fate, random circumstance, that we are the innocent and passive victims of it and is nothing to do with the choices that we make. It’s all a lie.

Modern medicine is based on this premise of physical life being all there is. That our physical body is paramount and must be preserved at all costs. There is little focus on preventive medicine, on doing things that sustain our health and wellbeing and not doing the things that lead to us becoming sick; let alone the truth of medicine, which is the whole of the way we live. Focus is not a glossy brochure on the reception desk, mildly suggesting dietary change, reduction in alcohol intake or quitting smoking. Focus is measured by where we place our energy, intent and in the case of modern medicine, money. We focus on the diseased end of the spectrum, of patching things up when they have gone awry, with sympathy for the poor victim of the illness and disease; of keeping people alive, no matter what the cost – financially, personally, to relationships, and to society as a whole.

But it is all a lie.

Illness and disease are not bad luck, or a punishment, but a necessary correction when we have been wayward in the way we are living – living in a way that is dishonouring of the body and that needs to be cleared from it.

They are not random, nor are they the result of genetic lottery gone awry. They offer us a stop moment and the blessing of awareness and realisation of what we have been doing and the opportunity to reset our course and to live life in a more loving and caring way from that point on.

Does modern medicine support this offering?

When we are stopped by illness, medicine goes into overdrive so it can fix us up as quickly as possible so we can go back out there and continue doing what made us sick in the first place!

There is little time for honesty, reflection and humility, and little support for seeing the error of our ways and correcting them going forward.

Even though medicine and surgery offer an opportunity for healing, they rarely come with the full package of what is truly on offer – the chance to turn our lives around – and let’s be honest, we are rarely asking our doctors and surgeons for the full package.

The body is the marker of truth, and true medicine is the way we live.

And true physicians live in a way that is deeply honouring of the physical body and that loves and cares for it. They understand that they serve as role models of this living way and that their job is not just to help people heal, but to inspire them to live in a true way.

But there is more.

True medicine also understands that we are not the source of the energy that moves us, but we are vessels of energy and that the true purpose of medicine is to support the body to be a vessel for the Soul.

True medicine understands that we can be sourced by two forms of energy.

One, the spirit, lives in complete disregard of the body, its created plaything for stimulation and distraction to ease the pain of living in separation from the Soul, the whole it tries to be apart from when it cannot but be a part of it.

In creating the physical body, the spirit made a great mistake. Because it cannot in truth create anything but only use what has already been divinely created, it used the particles of the universe to make our human form. These particles are what keep us honest and humble and always call us to live in a true and loving way. This is as irrefutable as it is inescapable.

The other source of energy we can be sourced by is the Soul, our true Source. Our Soul deeply honours the body and the divine particles it enhouses and will only treat the body with love and care and deep regard.

When we are sourced by the Soul we live in a way that is in harmony with the body and with the rhythms and cycles of life, and this sustains the body and supports us to make healthy, loving choices for it.

We may still get sick or need surgery, but when we live with the foundation of deep love and care, that supports us to not only heal but then expand from that renewed and deepened foundation. Illness becomes a point at which we stop and deeply consider every point that led us to its conclusive but never final physical outplay. The trajectory of our choices is revealed to us in this moment. The medical team not only support with whatever physical and biochemical treatments are required, they offer a point of reflection, free of judgement, disdain and their most wily counterpart, the sympathy that reduces us to a mere human victim, not a magnificent being who allowed its body to be run awry by a spirit with no regard for the Soul from which it departed, nor the human body it treats with flagrant disrespect.

When we live with our Soul, we live true medicine in our every day and modern medicine can support our bodies to live and serve in full.

Whilst the teaching that we have only one life and that life is merely physical is a lie; there is a deeper truth, that there is One Life. That we are all part of a one-unified whole that we can never not be a part of.

Everything we do and say and think affects everyone and everything, including us, forward and back in time. We are born, live and die, and are born again, over and over, until we come to the realisation that this is the truth and that we are part of a Oneness, a grandness, that is beyond time and measure, beyond our capacity to understand, but that is forever calling us home.

Medicine has a vital part to play in awakening us to this Universal truth. It has access to us at our most vulnerable moments, for in illness we may be humbled enough to accept that we have been fooled – we have fallen for lie after lie, the collective lie that delivered us to a point at which our body has said “Enough! No more of this disregard for what I am and what we are part of.”

When we meet a doctor who lives by the light of their Soul, who knows we are vastly more than a set of symptoms and diagnostic tag, truth is revealed and vastly more communicated than anything words can muster. Every movement of that doctor, every procedure, every prescription, every conversation is the call home; to the One Life lived in service to the true wellbeing of humanity.

When we live in honouring of the One Life, we live in obedience to the rhythms and cycles of our bodies, to the magnetic pull of our divine particles, that call us to forever deepen and expand, back into the universe which is our true home.

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  • Photography: Clayton Lloyd