In the name of free love, porn removes the love from sex

I was ten years old in the middle of the Sixties 'Free Love and War' decade. My friends and I did not even know what pornography was!

There were Men's magazines at the time, and occasionally someone would find one of their father’s stashed mags and would show us. It was interesting but boring at the same time. The magazine was full of pretty women that were naked and had large breasts. It was more like art. The old joke was that it took years to find out that women do not have staples in their stomach.

As we grew up, all we had to worry about was surviving adolescence and the changes that were happening to our bodies from puberty.

With the start of the next decade our hormones were at max, and I began to notice girls. I had a girlfriend that was a year older than me, and she had a car! I spent my entire summer school vacation (that was three months) hanging out with her and her four friends. I became the petting zoo for them during that time. There was no sex, just a smile that would not leave my face.

Growing up I was small and weedy, and sports just were not going to happen. I was a disappointment to my father, his only son, who had no interest in any sport. After spending almost every day for three months hanging around with all girls, my father asked one day why I didn’t have any male friends? How do you tell your father what you are up to when you are having so much fun!

I remained friends with two of the summer of 1968 group for years. When I finished High School, the two friends were in University and had an apartment where I would party with them on weekends. They had a roommate who had a sister my age with whom I started a relationship. The occasional naked body in the mornings wasn't an issue or uncommon on weekends. From this point forward in my life, I was never long out of a relationship and never needed porn.

In my late teens, porn was like drinking; you needed to be twenty-one to buy both. Adult Magazines could only be found on the top shelf of magazine racks. There were XXX films shown in select theatres but that was where all the dirty old men went. The re-birth of porn began in earnest when the video machine was born. You could now watch porn in the comfort of your house! Then, DVDs, smartphones, and the internet made porn available everywhere and anytime. Age today is no longer a barrier or questioned.

My experience with porn was short-lived but what I had observed was like the movie Fast and Furious and its sequels. What I had seen in the videos was what others were willing to do or have done to themselves and made no sense to me. I watched a boxing match once on TV, not because I liked the sport but from what was taking place. For fifteen rounds the two fighters traded solid head blows and never fell! The fight was just like porn, a loveless endeavour to inflict pain on another. I still vividly remember the last time I saw porn that put me off forever. It was animalistic, like two dogs in heat.

Porn has been around from the cavemen and depicted in their wall art. The Romans’ sexual antics made the word debauchery blush.

"We should have learnt about the ill energetic effects of pornography long ago. It was there for us all to see when Vesuvius erupted and buried the ill decadent life in Pompeii. Not only have we not learnt the real harm of the energy in it, today we have it in every office and bedroom, on computer and on mobile phones for the school children."

Serge Benhayon Esoteric Teachings & Revelations Volume I, ed 1, p 361

There are things we see in life that are never forgotten or diminished with age as if they were burnt into our mind. What are young boys (children) imprinting themselves with by exposing themselves to hard-core porn? What is their view of women, and expectation of what a true relationship is?

A woman in her late twenties shared an experience with me that she once had a one-night stand with a younger man. He was hard, fast and rough. She stopped him and asked, what the hell was he doing, because it was doing nothing for her. His reply was “that's what women like”. She told him to leave.

There is a reason why young men become the best soldiers; they are malleable. Try and teach an older person with life experience to do morally questionable things willingly, like going to war and becoming a part of the process for death and destruction.

The military now recruits young men that are avid online war game players to fly real drones and drop real bombs.

The youth of today, boys and girls, have become lulled into a false reality with porn, well before puberty. They believe what they see is an instruction manual. Because they have swallowed the hook, line and sinker of what has become the new normal with activities. The cost will be to their detriment with the loss of their sacredness and tenderness with themselves and every relationship they have.

People are becoming more aware and are now questioning things that just don’t sit well with them and are expressing it openly. Porn is just one of many factors that are being used to drive a wedge between all of our relationships with everyone, including ourselves.

"Pornography is the craving of affection/intimacy.
Admit you crave it and you will stop seeking mind-driven satisfactions that leave the heart more empty each and every time you seek in this manner."

Serge Benhayon Esoteric Teachings & Revelations Volume I, ed 1, p 407

I know a wise person that told me, “In the end, Love trumps porn”.

Porn never really held sway for me because I had, and still have today at sixty-seven years young, an ease of intimacy with how I have been with women.

When love and intimacy is our normal,
there is no market for porn.

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