Sometimes you are in the midst of something just so special, beyond the constructs of the age we live in, timeless, ageless, unspeakably beautiful. The ‘Joy of Devotion’ by Tina Kopa and Catherine Wood is such a song, I have never been moved by a song like I have this one.

This music is so graceful, delicate and powerful, it is enriching and Universal. The song speaks of the way we could live as humanity, it speaks of a future being lived by a few now, a way for all to eventually come to.

There is no imposition in the music, and it inspires me to live with no imposition either, to go far beyond this and be an inspiration too, in connection to the quality of stillness and enriching of life that is there for all of us to be.

The line ‘no perfection’ is delivered with such harmony it is impossible not to drop into surrender and give up on the trying that defines so much of what we are faced with in the daily struggles that we have created.

“In the movement of the one, we are at-one”

Life in truth is simplicity: when we commit to devotion to what is true then we no longer need to seek and search for recognition, those outer markers we have let define us but cannot in fact contain the magnificence of our being.

I have cried tears of joy and surrendered the hardness and protection to keep the world at bay, all from listening to this track. Connecting to this song, it has been impossible not to be moved to tears. The song is rich and tenderising of this already tender man. I discard a little more of that hardness, inspired by the depth of honouring this song brings to all who listen to it.

The piano is utterly majestic, a wondrous accompaniment to the sweetness of the lyrical vibrations. The artists Tina Kopa and Catherine Wood come together as one movement, and there can be no greater compliment to their mastery of the joy of music than in ‘Joy of Devotion’. Supported by the impress of Serge Benhayon, this music is a masterpiece beyond the ages.

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