Chris James – ‘it is’ album review

Chris James – ‘it is’ album review

Chris James – ‘it is’ album review

Divine presence and magnificence is what summarises this album. The union of Joy, Harmony, Love, Stillness and Truth. When heaven breathes this is the sounds it makes.

Chris James is a master of feeling the vibration of the universe and surrendering himself as its humble servant, then delivering us the vibration of God in sound. Sounds that feel so gorgeous you’ll want to melt on the spot and bathe in the glorious warmth of their loving and holding embrace.

The Call of Hermes leads us to a place of grace and elegance. The buildup to the delicate pattern on the cymbals feels like an angel’s footstep: light as a feather and delicate as clouds. Chris’ soaring voice enters the space powerful and resonant, with a precision and delicacy that offers alignment to God.

Allow The Song of Ishvara to flow seamlessly on and into higher heaven. The beauty in the song is not from this world. A light pours through and shines into every dark corner of the world. One can only feel at-one with their innermost being. Divine presence emanates through Chris’ voice and the instruments confirm the presence of your Soul.

There is nothing in this world that is greater than who you are on the inside. This is what the song Confirmation delivers to me. A message from heaven, from God, that I am a being of stupendous love and light. It’s not an illusion, or play of the mind. Nor is it an arrogant or false belief. It is delivered through the song as a knowing – a powerful, innermost knowing that needs no parading around, just a confirmation of the fact.

it is, the title track, calls on us to access our deeper wisdom. It is delivered by an introduction of powerful and resonant vocals by Chris James – a man who has devoted his life to conscious presence and at-one-ment with the space around him.

A delicate Persian dance unfolds in the song. A dance known by all and felt through the ages and reawakened through Chris’ alignment to multidimensionality.

The Dance of God begins with the most gentle and sweetest of tones – a wonderful display of delicacy and grace. If heaven was to be walked on earth, this would be the music of the movement. A celebration of joy and lightness of step to a steady and gentle rhythm of light percussion. Flourishes of magnificence and playfulness absolutely embody the joy that is coming through Chris as he writes this angelic vibration of the heavens.

It’s Limitless begins with a vibration from the highest reaches of heaven and beyond. It is then joined by Chris’ deep and resonant voice which will awaken your particles. When the drums begin in an off-beat rhythm, you’ll feel your cells dancing in tune. A delicate bridge comes from formless space and paves the way to a magnificent symphony of violins and middle eastern drums with Chris’ soaring voice in the foreground.

Settle in as the ambience builds for The Great Cycle. The kick drum starts a rhythmic pulse that lays the foundation for the gorgeous ringing of a gently plucked guitar. Instruments I haven’t heard before, at least not used in this way, bring stillness to my body. I can feel the tension in my shoulders slip away and confirm the essence of my being. Strength, purpose and power with a delicacy so profoundly exquisite, The Great Cycle feels to me like a confirmation of who I am and what I am part of – a timeless, infinite movement, and I am here to reflect the magnificence of the Universal folds.

'it is' is an album for the ages, not from this planet or indeed time itself. The sounds will no doubt allow you to feel your divinely gorgeous essence. An essence that has been there from the beginning of time … and before.

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