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Chris James - Sounds Wonderful

Everyone is born with a beautiful voice

Sounds Wonderful presents the power and beauty of true music, voice and expression through music CDs and interactive seminars to people around the world.

Founder Chris James is renowned for his ability to encourage even the most ‘non-musical’ or unlikely crowd to open up and sing from the heart and experience the healing quality of their own voice.

Producing music CDs and hosting workshops in both corporate settings and festivals across the globe, Sounds Wonderful directors and artists Chris and Jenny James offer that which inspires and develops the true nature of us all.

The music

Music to live with ... Sounds Wonderful

The epic voice of Chris James resounds deeply through the albums, accompanied by a diversity of music styles and instruments. From strong soaring vocals to tender ballads and graceful Eastern tones, the clarity of Chris's voice and music allows the listener to just be, as the layers and depths of music unfold. The beautiful, graceful vocals of Jenny James add to various tracks.

A collection of Sounds Wonderful purpose-made CDs also play in corporate offices, hospitals, clinics, salons and classrooms around the world, offering a harmonious and supportive environment for workers, therapists and clients.

Seminars & workshops

Sounds Wonderful presents seminars, workshops and retreats internationally, exploring and re-discovering the power of true voice and expression in the workplace and daily life.

"Everyone is born with the ability to express clearly and confidently with an empowered voice. When fear, anxiousness and tension leave ... joy naturally takes its place."

Chris James

As we re-discover our true and natural voice, we develop an awareness that allows trust in our expression, and to speak our truth and be heard. These interactive courses presented by singer, musician, and voice teacher Chris James address self-expression and self-empowerment through the speaking and singing voice. Chris works with people from all walks of life, in groups ranging from 20 to 20,000 people, uniting all.

Sounds Wonderful albums

Return To Love

The Call

Moments - An Instrumental Album

Walk With Your Heart

Fiery Eyes

Silk In The Clouds

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