‘Debut’ – an album by Miranda Benhayon

‘Debut’ – an album by Miranda Benhayon

‘Debut’ – an album by Miranda Benhayon

When a voice like Miranda Benhayon’s comes along you are compelled to listen. The power and beauty impressed in the words of every song literally offers and opens the way to experience life in a new way.

If you want to know truth and how truth feels in your being, here it is, right at your doorstep, delivered with an absoluteness and power that knows the very essence of each and every word and every note sung.

Miranda Benhayon’s new album ‘Debut’ shines bright and timeless, a definitive light in the world. The full depth, breadth and power in her voice rings true with a quality, ‘love and beauty that traverses life and delivers straight to the heart, speaking to the source, the essence of who we truly are.

Accompanied by exquisite musical arrangements and various instruments all played by GM Records founder Michael Benhayon, each song brings its own experience, unique flavour and style – a complete package.

From delicate piano pieces to raunchy electric guitar and horns that pack a glorious punch – it’s all there. ‘Debut’ is purposeful from the first to the last note; every word carries inspiration ‘like a lighthouse’ to ‘light the way forth’ in life.

Sweet and powerful, Miranda’s Benhayon’s voice sings out heaven, loud and clear, with a clarity that leaves no doubt that each of us has that inner light that shines – a knowing that is so needed in the world today. And the quality held in Miranda’s voice and Michael’s music opens us to this with an assurance that offers complete connection to our inner being-ness.

The utterly inspiring ‘You Will Fly’ lifts us, and we are there . . . we know that we can truly take flight with life, on ‘wings of grace’ . . . ‘higher than we have ever been’.

And you can’t help but to dance your way across the world with the rhythmic, up beat, gorgeous Spanish style El Camino – ‘The Way.’ If this is The Way, show me more!

With grace and delicacy Michael opens ‘Forever more and a day’ with a guitar riff that as the song intimates, is ‘clearly sent from heaven’.

And so it continues…. held unwaveringly by the beauty and depth of Miranda’s voice you feel totally supported to ‘get wiser ‘and ‘stronger within’ for what may come in days ahead.

And this is the theme and power of all the songs on this album. ‘Take my hand whenever you choose’ and with the heartfelt, ‘Shining over Me’, you know absolutely that . . . ‘Love is the Way’

And wow! There is even more as we are treated in the final track to A l'Unisson, a French version of the anthemic song ‘One Unified’. We are ‘Unified for all time’ – you can feel it all through your body, as your senses naturally respond to the innate knowing that although perfect in our uniqueness, undeniably we are all one.

Mixed and mastered by the multi-talented musician and prolific songwriter Michael Benhayon, GM Records has yet again produced an album to inspire us further, more than we’ve ever been before.

A testament to the beauty and power of a way of life truly lived for humanity this album brings all that it claims. ‘My oh my’ Miranda, oh how we A-D-O-R-E ‘Debut’.

Listen now at www.gmrecords.net.

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  • By Jenny James, Singer/Songwriter