Natalie Benhayon: A Warrior of Truth like no other

 Natalie Benhayon: A Warrior of Truth like no other

Natalie Benhayon: A Warrior of Truth like no other

Natalie Benhayon, a young woman who never stops inspiring me to being more and more of the woman I truly am.

As a little girl I would look for role-models in Greek mythology and in tales of Amazonian women who you wouldn’t dare mess with. I was looking for a reminder and reflection of something I already knew, but that I wasn’t seeing in society and in the women around me. The message from the outside world of what a woman is, seemed to be a mix of being emotional and needy, a drama-queen or an ice-queen, often stressed out to the eye-balls with everything that needed to be done, never quite good enough, pretty enough or smart enough, and not really a woman unless she had a husband and children along with her as well.

I knew as a child that none of this was truly what a woman was. But nothing in society showed me otherwise, and as I entered my teens, I looked for role-models in the contemporary pop-stars of the 80’s, that seemed to get all the dazzle and attention. I tried to dress like some of them, sing like some of them, and move and behave like others. Luckily this was a phase that didn’t last long.

What I was left with was a deeper void.

That knowing I had as a child started to fade more and more in the background of my memory, and I went along my life, filling in some of the roles of what I thought I needed to be and do, in order to be a ‘successful’ woman of sorts in the world today.

But I went against my inner knowing of what I knew to be true, my self-confidence eroding steadily away, while I ticked a few boxes of what I ‘ought to do’ – be in a seemingly great relationship, have a good job, dress well, look good, have a lovely home etc etc. To the outside world it looked like I had a lot of the boxes ticked, but within me I felt that constant anxious void; nothing outside of me could replace that gaping inner hole where I was deeply missing me.

I was 35 years old when I met Natalie Benhayon who was 21 at the time. In my first ever one-on-one session with Natalie I felt how still and solid she was in herself, and I sat there humbled and inspired. In that one session I felt the re-kindling of what I knew as that little girl years before; the sacredness that is innate in every woman’s body, even though at the time I couldn’t hold this feeling, it had returned and my own body was now familiar with it.

Since that time I’ve had countless more one-on-one sessions with Natalie, and I’ve attended many more presentations she has held. I’ve been involved in working and community groups where I’ve seen how Natalie has led the group with understanding and grace and a firmness that constantly pulls the group up to be more than it thinks it is. I have seen her inspire women to activate that sacredness from within and live it in their day to day, and in myself I have seen an enormous transformation, from being a quiet little mouse in hiding, to a woman that celebrates being in my body, every single day.

Natalie Benhayon is a true alchemist and the revolution in her wake is as real and powerful as it can be. She is a Warrior of Truth like no other; a woman who knows and reflects to all of us what it is to be a woman, and that it is not about what you do or don’t do, but all living from your innermost sacred essence that resides within.

She inspires the activation of this essence to lighten up and be what warms us from the inside out, giving us the solidness and joy we otherwise seek from the outside world, which simply takes us on the endless merry-go-round of a not so pleasant game of hide-and-seek.

When you meet Natalie Benhayon, that game is over. You know that there is a true role model of what it is to be a woman right before you. And you know that as a woman you don’t need to pick and choose a role from what society tells you that you have to do, for you can see through Natalie’s eyes and in all that she lives, that you can have it all without having to identify with any of those roles; that you can absolutely and ever so simply have the real you, the woman that you really are and let that be seen and celebrated in whatever it is you choose to do.

  • By Katerina Nikolaidis, MA Hons PG Dip

    Change management professional and health & well-being practitioner, with a love for people and a fascination about life. There is so much more to us than we realise.