Natalie Benhayon, Young in Age, Ageless in Wisdom

Natalie Benhayon, Young in Age, Ageless in Wisdom

Natalie Benhayon, Young in Age, Ageless in Wisdom

Women are amazing. They are capable of awe inspiring things and have great influence on the world we live in.

But how does one earn a place on the chart of the likes of Hypatia, Mary Magdalene, Elizabeth I, Grace Kelly, Audrey Hepburn, Diana, Princess of Wales, and other influential women in the fields of humanities, politics and science that history has been recording and in the world where these tiaras seem to be almost solely reserved for men?

Twenty first century, enters Natalie Benhayon. What wisdom one might ask, does a 26-year-old woman have to share with (often) people twice (and more) her age. And how has a young woman packed more living into her time on Earth thus far than many achieve in lifetimes.

Natalie Benhayon demonstrates with impeccable ease that wisdom is not a privilege of a few, decided by one’s age or education, but rather it is a pure quality of one’s life lived.

Natalie claims no hereditary monopoly of skills and prowess in health and well-being but the fact that all that she lives and presents comes as a result of her own choice to intimately know herself and her cycles and the awareness that life is not a random sequence of events but a constant stream of choices we are free to make in every moment of our life.

Natalie is a popular presenter, drawing students from many parts of the World. The life of Natalie Benhayon is one enriched with a passion for people, hence why in return she is loved and respected by many. When Natalie speaks all listen intently. Her beauty, grace, and eloquence are as mesmerizing as her exceptional wisdom and philosophies. Skillful and eloquent in words Natalie Benhayon is as prudent and gracious in deeds. The many whose lives she has profoundly touched love and honor her exceptionally.

So when the ultimate, not your ‘typical’ tracking tool, well-being app for women and men comes through Natalie’s dedicated and diligent service, in order to offer support to the user to get to know their entire body on a level one might have never thought possible or prevailing, it is with and because of her living, tangible experience of cycles and rhythms, the forever expending wheel of evolution that she shares her humble understanding that we are all equal in essence – like clocks in a watch shop all aligned in rhythm but different in appearance and outward expression.

Boy George, a celebrity musician and singer describes his encounter with Natalie Benhayon and his introduction to Our Cycles App, with reverence and admiration:

“Hearing Natalie present about Our Cycles App was very impressive. She held her own amongst all those people and she is really great with people. I would have never thought she was 24 – I am not suggesting that she looks older, just that she sounds and speaks with great maturity and holds herself so well – very impressive.

At the time when there is so much misuse and abuse of the Internet, it is super impressive that Natalie is utilising the Internet in such positive way to actually help people. She is very inspiring.”

Natalie is a powerful woman in her own right. Through the use of Natalie’s labour of love, the Our Cycles App, one cannot but come to know that Natalie Benhayon is one of those, in this day and age, rare women who makes extraordinary things so very ordinary! Natalie’s propensity to share her wisdom and knowledge with the world is Universal. She does everything with a great sense of purpose and a great sense of responsibility.

Young in age, yet ageless in her wealth and depth of connection to herself, to her body and to all she meets and greets, she knows how to have a career but not get caught up in becoming a career woman, choosing steadily to stay true to womanhood. For Natalie Benhayon the things that are of most importance in life are linked to her heart not her CV.

Natalie Benhayon will leave a legacy in the field of human health and well-being that will remain for time immemorial because she refused to play by an egregiously appalling unwritten rule that we can’t be the way we are born to be, in view of the fact that it is not something which is commonly nurtured or indeed encouraged by the society in general.

And so when Natalie embarks on any project (Our Cycles App being only one amongst many), she doesn’t ask herself, “Can I do that?” but instead, with her encapsulating presence and the inner glory she lives and breathes 24/7, the question is always one and only: “In what energetic quality do I do that?”

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  • By Dragana Brown, Writer, World Affairs & Life Style Commentator

    Dragana loves Science. She absolutely fell in love with Serge Benhayon’s teachings because he makes science applicable to every day life and accessible to everyday people. Serge makes understanding science easier than spreading warm butter on toast!

  • Photography: Steffi Henn