Ray Karam

I grew up in a secure home in a small country town where trust was a big thing. As I experienced the world and relationships I grew to distrust most things and in particular women. So much so that at 40 with 3 children and divorced I was looking to just be alone and raise my children.

I have known Natalie Benhayon for about 4 years and she had always struck me as a confident, strong woman that seemed to defy her young age with an ageless wisdom.

What touched me in particular about Natalie was her consistent ability to 'be there' for people, to have a distinct ability to say the right thing at the right time. I see her do this with many people, she doesn't just save it for close friends or family but this is how she is with everyone.

The way Natalie has supported me and my 3 children and in particular the friendship she has with my 11 year old daughter goes beyond any words I can say. She has an ability to be able to relate to everyone no matter what the age.

Every time I speak or listen to Natalie, it seems I am able to unlock more things for myself that in turn gives me a better understanding of the world. So much so that I can see that how Natalie has been with me I am now the same with others I meet.

Natalie has never said to me 'trust me' but I have an absolute trust in her. By the way she speaks and is with me it has allowed me to trust women again.

I can see first hand that the way Natalie lives really supports her in how she is with everyone. It is incredible and deserves to be studied. I consider Natalie to be a truly incredible woman.

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Natalie Benhayon