Self-care through the power of reflection

Discovering the true meaning of self-care

Self-care through the power of reflection

For years I have explored the many of ways that I can incorporate self-care into my life, and as I grew up from a child to an adult it has formed into an intricate depth that never stops moving. It is constantly shaping and forming as I grow and deepen into the woman that I am. And because of this deepening I have realised that self-care is nothing to do with the superficial, but a movement in which we do everything.

Before self-care started to really fire up in my life, I was just simply living day by day. There was not much wrong with life, and I was seemingly ‘happy and healthy’. There really was nothing to complain about. I’ve always had a job, a great family, friends, a home to come to with food on the table and everything was sweet. But it wasn’t until I began to have reflections in my life that communicated to me in a way that it could be so much more – that life could be full and enriching, that it could be magnificent.

I started to see these people in my life more and more, and the more I did, the curiouser and curiouser I got. I would wonder where the sparkle in their eyes came from, and what the warm fuzzy feeling I got inside was when I gave them a hug. I wanted to know more, and I didn’t want to leave the feeling that I had inside when I was around these people in my life. These people that I met lived by the religion that is The Way of The Livingness and were students of ‘The Ageless Wisdom’. The Ageless Wisdom has been with us since before time began and is currently presented by Serge Benhayon. In the first moment of being with these people, I knew this was it. Every particle inside of me knew that this was the way, it just felt so familiar.

Through these observations, what I noticed the most was the touch and the way they moved their bodies. There was such grace, delicacy, and deep honouring of themselves in human bodies.

So, with the curiosity came a call. A call to explore what I had witnessed and felt…

I started to really focus in on any activity that I was doing and I would give it my full attention. How would I brush my teeth? Would I hold the brush delicately and gently move it around my mouth, taking care of every tooth with the intention of love? Or, would I just move it mechanically around my mouth in a rush, because if you don’t brush your teeth they will rot? What was the purpose? How would I make my bed? Would I get out of bed in the morning and gently take off all the covers and pillows, brush the surface of the fitted sheet and smooth it out, shake off the duvet cover to freshen it up and fluff up the pillows and place them with intent? Or, would I just get out of bed, chuck the cover onto the bed, flatten it, and carelessly put the pillows on top? What was the purpose?

I began to ask these questions in more and more areas of life and I started to move my body with gentleness in so many ways without even realising. Soon enough I realised I injected a huge amount of purpose into my life with the foundation being self-care, because I knew from the reflections in my life that I was so much more than human. And moving in this way was the thing that allowed me to stay afloat in a world that can sometimes feel like you are drowning.

This exploration began slowly, and it was something that I had commit myself to. The more and more that I surrendered to the way that I could deeply care for my body in every movement, the more and more that it became a simple rhythm in my life.

I started to feel when I wasn’t in this movement, and anything but moving in the delicacy that I am started to feel like an assault. I couldn’t live by the old ways anymore, and more and more things had to go in my life, they just didn’t belong. There was no room.

Through the power of their reflection, I noticed them in me. I noticed that the way in which they moved their bodies, that I had this quality in me too, and that it wasn’t something that I had to practise or learn to get, that it was just there for me to access whenever I wanted to return to it…

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  • By Jasmine Prentice, Student. BHSc Clinical Nutrition and Diploma of Counselling

    Jasmine Prentice is a student of The Ageless Wisdom with a deep love for people and a knowing that we are so much more than what our eyes see.

  • Photography: Rebecca W., UK, Photographer

    I am a tender and sensitive woman who is inspired by the playfulness of children and the beauty of nature. I love photographing people and capturing magical and joyful moments on my camera.