Reading by Serge Benhayon for Carmel Reid about how living life with Self-acceptance and Appreciation Brings True Presence

This is a true story of how a reading by Serge Benhayon inspired true confidence and full expression.

I emailed Serge Benhayon on the 5th of September, 2013, following a soft-tissue injury to my left knee. The knee injury was not from any specific cause or ‘accident’, however all my life I have done things that have not been good for my knees, e.g. playing squash for 20 years whilst overweight, kneeling on hard floors on many occasions and sitting for long hours at work without exercise.

I was not surprised at the physical result of all of that but I wondered if it was also about my own fears of taking on a new job and a new relationship. His response showed me a wider picture. This is his reply:

"The message is not to stop, but to stop holding back unnecessarily. Wherever you go you will bring a true light, and the accepted presence of the love we all truly are. So no need to be apprehensive, given that you being you will bring many blessings. Therefore, the real issue is not in the knee but in the ankles and lymphatic system where you are denying your own beautiful presence. Yes, by all means stop, but do so to appreciate you, how far you have come, that you look gorgeous and that you are a true servant."

Serge Benhayon

This comment was borne out a few days later when severe bruising broke out in exactly those areas.

I found Serge’s reading informative, inspiring and confirming. I am often doubting myself and my ability to truly be myself in my full capacity in the world, and his words helped me to understand that it is my ‘holding back’ that is getting in the way. In other words, I don’t always express what I know needs to be said for fear of a possible reaction from others.

This reading helped me to understand that I could be living life in ways I hadn’t imagined; that it wasn’t about what I was doing so much as appreciating how I am, how I live, and the changes I continue to make in the way I live. Through opening up to allowing my presence to be felt by others I can truly serve others, but in order to do this I have to be fully aware of what is going on in my body. As a result of the injury I have been much more gentle with my body and my knee repaired itself quite quickly, but both my knees are still puffy indicating that something else is still going on.

I began working on ACCEPTANCE and appreciation of myself, and a few days after Serge’s email I had a very powerful image of a strong light within me bursting out and needing to be seen, and a dream about almost missing a plane.

It felt like a deeper message was here for me in this dream – and that is to stop wasting time, let go of self doubt about who I am and to get on with what I am here to do – not in any ‘mission-driven’ way, but by simply expressing myself in full, allowing that ‘strong light’ to beam out.

For me that means being fully aware of the quality with which I do everything and how it affects other people. I can work on letting go of all the tensions in my body that get in the way of my well-being and clear expression. In order to do that I need to be gentle in everything I do, from the way I walk and speak to the way I close a door.

There are many activities that I have used to numb myself so I couldn’t feel what was really happening in my body and all around me and these included watching TV to distract myself, getting involved with other people’s issues and ignoring my own and over-eating.

Letting these habits go is a work-in-progress for me, but as I feel more and I become more aware, my sensitivity increases, and so does my commitment to loving and caring for myself more deeply and expressing what I truly feel is there to be expressed.

Thanks to the readings from Serge Benhayon, I have developed more confidence and this in turn has helped with my expression. And knowing that when I bring that to myself, I naturally bring it to others.

  • By Carmel Reid, Goonellabah, Australia

    Carmel started her career in the UK with an electronic engineering degree and moved on into business coaching and personal counselling. Now living and working in Australia, she brings enthusiasm, experience and wisdom to many business and voluntary projects in her local community and world-wide on Social Media.