The Teacher Serge Benhayon

Serge Benhayon, the teacher, has built an enormous body of work that he has presented and taught over the many years, which people from across the world have studied in depth. His presentations and teachings are interactive and encourage healthy, responsible questioning from students.

Serge Benhayon holds the qualities of an experienced educator who truly lives and understands that which he teaches. The subjects are not only known, they are further backed up with a lived quality, therefore what is being taught is always alive.

Serge Benhayon is renowned for his profound and thus unique understanding of human life, with all its joys, and all its dilemmas.

There are a multitude of aspects to Serge's teachings some of which are:

His presentations inspire his audiences around the world – offering them to consider, ponder and contemplate deeper understandings of human life as well as forming a clearer understanding of the Ageless Wisdom, empowering students to reconnect to the innate wisdom within.

Serge the Educator: Love and the way of the forever student - thumbnail version

Serge the Educator – Love and the way of the forever student