The Way of the Livingness – a religion in its true meaning

"Honouring the love you are in full and bringing that into full human life forms the basis of a new worldly religious way known as The Way of the Livingness."

Serge Benhayon Esoteric Teachings and Revelations, p 648

This series of presentations was launched in February 2013 to introduce the religion "The Way of The Livingness".

They were originally held about nine times a year at Lennox Head Community Centre in Australia and once or twice a year at the Sound Training Centre in Somerset, UK. They are ongoing and currently held at The Hall of Ageless Wisdom in Wollongbar Australia and once or twice a year in the UK. The presentations are about one hour long and delivered to an audience of several hundred people.

The live presentations are free and books will also be published in relation to the series. The full audio series of The Way of the Livingness talks is available for purchase on the Universal Medicine website.

The Sermon of The Way of the Livingness presentation is written by Serge Benhayon shortly before the presentation and Universal Medicine Students are invited to join Serge on stage and read selected paragraphs interspersed with Serge’s commentary and elaboration. The presentations forever evolve having had music, songs and prayers introduced at the beginning of 2014.

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What does religion truly mean?

The word Religion has been misrepresented throughout history. The true meaning of this word is not widely known by people, it is very beautiful and not what we think.

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The delivery of The Way of The Livingness

This short excerpt presents how all of nature is there to help us to return to who we truly are and how the philosophical teachings of The Way of The Livingness will be delivered by both Serge Benhayon and many others.

"It is time that we all begin to return to our inner-most and discover that there is a vastness to connect to … a Divine endless vastness that brings uniform and unifying knowledge and wisdom to all equally. From this connection, or in-truth, re-connection, mankind will again access their greater beingness, as did the architects and builders of the Great Pyramid, as did the real Imhotep, Patanjali, Pythagoras, Siddhartha Gautama, Jesus, Muhammad, Leonardo da Vinci and Alice A. Bailey along with many others, including, and in part, Albert Einstein.

From the re-connection there will emerge a new form of science and a new way of being. The new way of being will collectively be known as the ‘Way of the Livingness’. And, in time, when the word ‘religion’ is re-discovered and re-found in its true meaning, a meaning that has vastly lost its way, so too will the Way of the Livingness be naturally accepted as being the re-choosing/re-connecting (religion) of all, equally. Along with a new way of being, a way many are already living as a result of their choice to re-connect, will be the new forms of science. This form of science will be known as Divine Science."

Serge Benhayon Esoteric Teachings and Revelations, p 48</i>

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