The entrapment of circulation energy

The devastation caused by circulating knowledge

The entrapment of circulation energy

We are in circulation energy when we chose to disconnect from the counsel of our own innate wisdom and instead become the mouthpiece for circulation energy, freely repeating information that we have heard, read, been informed of, without feeling into whether it feels true for us or not.

It is poison to our bodies when we disregard our ability to read energy, squashing down the absolute knowing of what is taking place, and instead give focus to something that we have ‘been informed of’ and then present it as our truth.

When we’re born we’re held, adored, and cherished for being the gorgeous little bundle of joy that we are. There is no doubt or question that we need to be anything more than the treasure that we are. As we grow up in our family and then start school, this view of us changes, we are no longer held as being everything that we need to be; it’s made very clear to us, both within the family and at school, that we have much to learn and that it’s important for us to listen and ‘do as we’re told’.

At school it’s very evident that the ‘best’ and ‘smartest’ students are held in the highest regard and are rewarded as such. Everyone is encouraged to strive for better grades, as with strong academic accomplishments they are almost certainly assured a very happy and successful future if they work hard.

What does this really mean, ‘happy and successful future’ – in what way? How can anyone know what will truly make someone else happy? What is success? Success in whose eyes? Maybe the message is really ‘do well and it will reflect well on the school and put you in a stronger position for University selection and later, when you interview against other people for jobs’.

All this conditioning pushing us to be better, to be more, to strive for ‘success’ is reinforcing a need for us to ‘beat’ those around us, reinforcing that we’re not already enough, that we not only need to change and try to be more, but we are competing with our peers and the name of the game is to win.

How did we go from being perfect to not knowing very much at all and needing to learn in order to be someone? When did we stop being our exquisitely amazing selves? Tragically, it’s no wonder that during our childhood many of us start to dis-connect from our magnificent selves and prompted by all this external conditioning, start to believe that in order to please those around us we need to be compliant and start being what ‘they’ want us to be, whether that’s an obedient and kind child, a studious son or daughter who achieves high grades, someone who has a thirst to be successful in life, with a determination to be better than those around them.

All these notions are an imposition and completely dis-honouring of the wonderful, all knowing beings that we already are. For people to even think that we need to be more is a dismissal of everything that we already are.

We are instructed on how to behave within our families through both verbal and non-verbal communication – there is an interplay that takes place – and we pick up on what is expected of us: if we don’t concede and respond accordingly, we’re punished, either overtly or by being excluded, shamed or bullied. It’s hard not to acquiesce, if only to have a seemingly more harmonious life and to feel loved and cherished as we were as a baby, however, this comes at a great cost.

When we give in to the demands being made of us, we are choosing to disconnect from the truth of who we are; no longer are we guided from our innermost, pure love, which only knows the truth, instead, we convince ourselves that our internal radar must be ‘wrong’ and that everyone around us must really know more than we do.

This is enormously harmful; taking on any untruths is a form of abuse and disregard to our bodies that consistently work to keep us in a state of harmony. We have to choose to disconnect from our body and call in a force to suppress what we innately know to be true.

This massive lie that we are being fed starts to grab and take hold and before we know it, we’re actually believing the mantras that are being drummed into us – maybe we start repeating them to others, if only to convince ourselves further. Even if we don’t wholeheartedly believe everything we’ve been told, it’s hard to withstand this constant force that is relentlessly informing us on how to be in this life, that we will be doomed if we dare to ‘think’ that we know better. We crave to ‘fit in’, to be part of the group. But what group are we actually joining? And what is the cost to our physical body?

Our group is to be a part of circulation energy, we have been introduced to this ‘game of life’ that no one talks about, we have chosen to ‘join in’ over staying with, and being guided by, our own innate wisdom.

However, in doing so we open ourselves up to all sorts of ‘issues’ that we now entertain as we are no longer listening to the counsel of our own inner wisdom, which offered us such a strong foundation as a young child we had no reason to ever question it – it was our inner knowing. It is still there, it never leaves us, but as fitting into life becomes more important than being our own person, we become very heavily influenced by what is going on around us and following trends set by others who we may aspire to be more alike.

When we disconnect from our innermost we feel the loss, we know something is missing and start searching outside ourselves for answers, taking on and trying whatever we can to reclaim our foundation, but nothing can ever come close to the sheer magnificence of what we already are, so until we can come back to this point of realisation we will be left searching.

This other way of being in life, when we choose to disconnect, leaves us in a constant state of soaking up information that we’re fed from all sorts of sources, people we know, people we don’t know, postings over social media, articles, advertising, songs, TV, gaming, with very little filtering as to whether what we’re being fed feels true. We become a sponge for information and then also a mouthpiece for that information to stay in circulation, but how often do we question whether it feels true for us?

When we find ourselves repeating gossip, we can instantly feel the inner disgust. If we choose to be honest with ourselves, there is a sense of shame that we would dis-honour ourselves and everyone else in this way. Every time we repeat a lie, which is anything that isn’t the truth, we are fuelling circulation energy, giving it more power. Lies can only exist if they’re repeated; when we stop repeating them, they cease to exist.

We like to believe that there is a grey, middle resting place, where we can just sit on the couch and not agree or disagree; this is an illusion. Something is either true, or it is not.

When we re-connect with our body, we know when something feels true and when it does not, we can read the energy instantly. This is a gift that we all have and can never lose, clairsentience is part of our innate makeup, we have to actively dis-connect from our innermost to not read what is going on energetically.

Having this understanding and awareness of the harm that we do to ourselves, each other and future generations to come when we enjoin in circulation energy is absolutely paramount if we want to change the way in which we live as a society, which is currently based on lies rather than the truth.

You only have to switch on the news or look at your smart devices to see the plethora of un-truths and sensationalism that we’re constantly being bombarded with throughout each and every day. With this understanding it’s equally important to realise that we’ve all been duped and when others may still be subscribing to the lies, that is their choice to do so.

With truth, there is no judgment, it’s never about right and wrong, rather, the truth just is, it’s an alignment that is offered to everyone through our connection with our soul and we can either choose to align or not.

When we do, we are a constant, exquisite reflection for others to feel and observe, and notice they will, that there is another way to live. We can say no to the lies and refuse to give any more fuel to circulation energy and instead live each movement from the knowing that in connection with our soul we are already everything.

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  • By Alison Pearson

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