Fake news media, we get what we deserve

Do we shape the fake news media we receive?

Fake news media, we get what we deserve

A survey by Reuters[1] from 46 nations across the globe (June 2021) has been asking the public how trustworthy in general they felt the news to be in their countries. The results reveal a wide range of responses, with America showing the lowest rating with fewer than one in three people (29%) rating the news as trustworthy. France (30%) and Britain (36%) both hovered close to that one third mark, with a number of other countries also marking in below 40%. Finland topped the chart with 65% considering their news output to be trustworthy.

Another interesting statistic to analyse against this backdrop is the story[2] that a CNN news host has lost 75% of his audience since the previous political administration left office, a repeating trend across many news broadcasts. The statistic is remarkable in what it may be telling us about what we look for in the news we are sold.

It is well known that the previous US administration created a great deal of division and controversy, and reporting was generally anti the incumbent. Many of those watching their news may not have been doing so in search of facts, and certainly not with discernment of truth, but instead to consolidate a currently held viewpoint. You may easily go looking for news that aligns with your pre-set values and beliefs, to back up opinions that may have been informed by those same news sources previously. If our media is corrupt, then from where is the thought process we believe to be our own actually being in-formed. We could suggest many may have been feeding on the news in a search for validation, stimulation, even emotional outrage, all aligned to previously received thoughts. A toxic merry-go-round of indifference to truth, snowballing the lies through repetitious circulation.

Our indifference to energetic integrity and thus acceptance of current reporting standards leaves a chasm sized gap that encourages media to run news without journalism, sidestepping investigative practices to polish clever lies that get cut and pasted across the ‘fourth estate’[3] collective. Stories delivered on flimsy ground by vested interests, cold blooded con artists, justifying their means while making insight and truth the victims of the agendas being peddled.

The maxim, ‘never let facts get in the way of a good story’, has never rung truer than in current times where we are bombarded with news reports that aren’t just speculatively fake, but proven to be scandalous lies further down the line. And these are not small insignificant fake news stories that are being carried by our mainstream media, or what is now being termed by many as ‘corporate media’. These are giant destructive boulders of lies that are shaping the landscape of our times.

When the facts surface later as the truth always does, the collective indifference among the general population gives a clear showing of where our humanity currently resides. When that former President talked of draining the swamp of congress, it spoke more widely to the corruption that has been rotting away through our governmental systems worldwide.

What this does not speak of though, which is of larger consequence, is the swamp that humanity resides in. We have a global population who are complicit in the corruption; who lie wallowing in the putrid rot that allows fake news to flourish and be accepted as gospel.

Coming as it often does from their so called ‘trusted’ and ‘reputable’ news outlets, the majority turn their back on truth and make no effort to discern the junk news feed from accepted reality, have no interest to discern or be awakened to what is really going on, have no outrage at being hoodwinked, instead seemingly welcome it. The corporate media juggernauts, encouraged by our lack of demand for accountability, bury reality and take pleasure in their mocking as fake news the actual truth, by the false versions they run instead. A war of counter information, assassinating anything that holds integrity as its foremost value.

We don’t want to be informed by our news, we want to be entertained; we don’t want critical information, we want to criticise and label and misrepresent.

Throughout this circus we don’t even care who or what runs the dark forces of our media empires – this all occurs by dint of our unwillingness to see, feel and read the truth, our refusal to discern and en masse, reject the lies. We get the news we deserve, similarly to how ‘we get the governments we deserve’ because we ask for nothing more, want nothing more. We can’t drain the swamp until we see we are feeding the swamp.

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“Believing a lie is worse than the one telling the lie.”

Serge Benhayon Esoteric Teachings & Revelations Volume II, ed 1, p 541

Real news will eventually prevail: it will do so when we place value on truth and enlightenment ahead of comforting delusion and take the energetic responsibility to reignite our ability to discern the source of the news we receive. We won’t rely on external sources to do this, simply on the truth that resides within, no longer looking to the outer as our source of validation, instead our own internal filter of knowing from within what does and does not ring true.


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