Supply and Demand of the sex robot

Why is the demand for porn and sex robots so high?

Supply and Demand of the sex robot

In recent years we have seen a massive increase in the popularity of realistic ‘love dolls’. Now the $30 billion sex-tech industry[1] prepares for a massive boom in the selling of sexbots (sex robots). Sex doll sales have also risen since the Covid-19 pandemic began. One sex doll company received ‘hundreds’ more enquiries than usual and saw an over 50% increase in orders from single men in just the two months of February and March 2020[2].

Companies also offer customers a chance to adapt their purchase; one such supplier offers a selection of 42 nipple color options and 14 different labias – the ‘used’ parts can then be detached and washed in the dishwasher. Purchasers can also dictate the robot’s character, choosing between many different personality traits including shy, jealous, moody or talkative… and could even be used to mimic a rape[3].

The lack of clarity in the law surrounding the high-tech sex toys is a pointer to a darker side of the industry. With no laws regulating the industry, child sex robots could also soon, if not already, be available to buy online[4]. An increased demand for sex may also spark a rise in human trafficking. The more sex is viewed as a commodity, the more likely it is that people will look to purchase other people for sex. Doll brothels already operate in South Korea, Japan and Spain, while the first robotic oral sex coffee shop opened in Paddington, West London in 2017[5].

This raises many questions, including can sexbots ever fulfil the need for true human interactions? If we all have so much to offer with the love we all naturally are, why would we not want to share that love with another (a real live person)? If deep within all of us is a desire to have true love, what then is stopping us from being all we are and developing deep and meaningful relationships with one another? Why do we run from intimacy with another?

Sex robots might be one extreme, but is it also possible that we can avoid true intimacy in other ways, for example preferring to watch TV rather than to engage meaningfully with our partner? Or taking hobbies to excess in order to not truly engage and connect with another? And with the vast array of entertainment now at one’s fingertips, there are thousands of excuses to switch off, check out and disengage with life, all at the cost of real, meaningful and purposeful relationships. The perception that machines could ever replace real human connection and contact is one that is also being asked, and with some purchasers asking for the law to change so they can marry their doll it is definitely the time to ask questions as to where this will all lead to.

Why is it that we might choose to take the so called ‘easy way out’ when yes, real relationships can be challenging but are oh so worth it?

In essence, nothing can beat the quality of a truly supportive loving relationship where we drop our guards and protections; when intimacy is about discovering our own tenderness, fragility and sensitivity and being willing in our vulnerability to share all of this with another, and more.

So, if we consider further this demand, we may ask why are people choosing a form of interaction with a sexbot, and why are people withdrawing from real relationships; not wanting to commit or be involved too deeply?

Real physical relationships can bring up issues because they are asking us to deal with the hurts rather than further cement what’s not true. A true relationship asks us to be more of who we truly are, and for many this may be just too much.

And with the massive rise in the porn industry[5], is it also showing us that as individuals in society we are not feeling equipped to deal with personal hurts and instead we avoid anything that may bring these hurts to the fore? Using artificial stimulation as a way of relief is an ill substitute for the real thing we are all looking for, and that is Love. As an example, one of the most popular porn websites was reported to have over 39 billion searches and 42 billion visits during 2019[6].

The same as porn, a sex robot asks nothing of us; it doesn’t ask us to evolve, it doesn’t ask us to be genuine, it doesn’t ask us to be honest about where we are at and what is really going on for us. Added to which, porn provides a chilling reflection on how society views women, so what will happen when machines start contributing to the objectification of women too? It will be years before we as a society truly begin to comprehend the knock-on harmful effects of porn and the mistreatment and objectification on women. With the introduction of robots, aren’t we heading into further social isolation?

What then are our choices here? Do we drop our boundaries, open up to one another and be confident enough to be real and authentic, or do we shut down and choose instead a form of love that is not real and based on illusions? It really is up to us; we choose evolution, facing our hurts and growing with one another, or we choose retardation where we bury our issues and choose artificial stimulation to avoid anything sacred.

We may not go so far as to buy a sex robot, but there are myriad other ways in which we avoid true intimacy and love. Every time we say no to a true connection with another or avoid being who we truly are we add fuel to an industry that is based on an avoidance of the love we actually are.

True connection with another is going way beyond the superficial layers. It’s knowing we are one; knowing that there is something inside that is godly, other worldly, and that they are a unique part of the whole. When relationships are built on true connection, true healing happens, true magic happens, and true evolution is a reality.

Therefore, what an incredible opportunity it is to have a relationship based on being open, being you – the real and true you.

"Be open to love –
and love will find you.

Be open to love –
and love is with you.

Be open to love –
and you will find that you are love.

Be open to love –
and you will see that it is all there is."

Serge Benhayon Esoteric Teachings & Revelations Volume I, ed 1, p 664


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