WARNING – Words could be damaging your health!

WARNING – Words could be damaging your health!

"We can understand the devastation of nuclear weaponry, but we have yet to grasp the fact that the re-interpreted word and or the bastardisation of the true truths are, and have been, much more devastating to the human race."

Serge Benhayon An Open Letter to Humanity, p 364

We worry (rightly so) about nuclear weapons but are unaware for the most part of the harm we allow through the re-interpretation of words.

Often what appears to us to be good or normal can actually cause us much more harm than the obvious so called ‘bad’ or ‘devastating’.

Take the word ‘normal’ for example. In many countries, it is quite ‘normal’ on your birthday or at a party to have cake and drink alcohol. In fact, champagne and chocolate mud cake with a dollop of cream or ice-cream would be considered a special treat by many. But what if those things were harmful to our body – does that mean we now consider it normal and a treat to harm ourselves?

"We should re-enter the word ‘normal’ in our dictionaries as -- Actions and or behaviours that the majority do, irrespective of whether it is right or wrong, true, healthy or not to one’s beingness."

Serge Benhayon Esoteric Teachings & Revelations II, p 519

How about what we deem as ‘good’? Is our definition of good based on true good or do we think something is good just because it is less bad than something we know or have experienced that is worse? How good is good? Who says what is good, or bad or better and on what basis do we come up with these measures?

How does this work when we refer to actions or behaviours as ‘abuse’? If we have grown up with social media and its plethora of online bullying in this modern age, will we think someone swearing or commenting negatively on our looks is abuse, or is this just ‘normal’? For the generation above us, would they consider it to be abuse or normal? Who gets to decide? If we have a partner that abuses with physical violence, do we consider a new partner who does not physically harm us but who may administer abuse verbally and emotionally as not abusive and therefore “better”, or are both still abuse? Do we confuse this ‘better’ version as love and re-interpret the meaning of this word, or are we able to call out controlling and bullying behaviour as being loveless and harmful when it happens?

The same applies with health - do we consider ourselves to be healthy simply because we don’t have cancer or some other ‘serious’ disease and or, because we are less sick or overweight than everyone around us?

Have we shifted our parameters of what is ‘healthy’ to such a degree that we now consider health only to be ‘the absence of disease’?

The point is, by constantly eroding the true meaning of words we end up with lesser and lesser definitions, in the sense that they become more vague, distorted, corrupted, and subjective. This results is our society not having a common unifying lived way behind the words that we speak. This is how we settle for less and less and end up, albeit it unwittingly, causing ourselves and each other great harm.

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We need to re-imprint words

A deeper look at words, their true meaning and the great harm caused when they are reinterpreted.

So how did we get into this whole mess and how do we get out!?

Long before there was sound (any spoken word), there was the movement that called it forth into expression. The ensuing sound (words formed) therefore described the movement that made it so. This means that in our ancient times we gradually developed language, and more specifically words, based on describing the ‘movement’ of what was being lived first. Our words in their pure and unadulterated form spoke to us of the Livingness of people – a way of life lived by all that was reflected in a language that suffered no distortions or misrepresentations. That is, our words were the end product of a quality of energy we were living and thus the truth of the word or more correctly put – the truth in the word – was a quality of energy that was felt long before it was heard.

However, slowly we lost connection to this way of living that was permeated with the light of our true self, our Soul, and began drifting away from it so that our main form of expression now came through the part of us, the human etheric spirit, that withdrew away from this light and love.

In this separation, we allowed our words to be used empty of the true movement behind them and thus created a way of moving and speaking that was void of our connection to and with all that is true. This is how we have ended up with a situation where for the most part the vast majority of us do not ‘walk our talk’. That is, our words do not carry the quality of a lived way that deeply honours the Divine beings we each in essence are.

Enter the granddaddy of them all, the ‘nuclear weapon’ that threatens our evolution back to Soul – the re-interpreted word that allows us to say that ‘your word’ is now up against ‘my word’, and thus the various misinterpretations we then haggle over as to what is meant by whom in this war of semantics we have created to justify our withdrawal away from who we truly are.

Therefore, in order to get back on track from this whole mess we have created through the reinterpretation of words, we need to re-imprint words with their original truth by virtue of us aligning to and living the one and same truth that lives within us all - a truth that comes from aligning to our Soul and moving our body, which is our vehicle of expression, in accordance to its impulses so that our expression represents Heaven on Earth.

"We are all the Livingness of God’s Love – find that way and then live it, for the world desperately needs you that way."

Serge Benhayon Esoteric Teachings & Revelations, p 315

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