Living with true authority and innate power.

True authority does not come from outside of ourselves as directions, rules or obligations, but from a connection within our bodies that innately knows truth as the love that we all are equally, whether we understand that fact or not.

Love is a living stillness. It is the emanating quality of the innermost connection that dwells within. To live outside of this, that is, to be disconnected from this living truth, leads to the existing from the mind. Intellectualising love, that is, the emotional false kind and what we assume love to be, is determined by those who pander best and serve our needs. The mind chooses those who serve it best, not those who bring Truth to our being.”

Serge Benhayon Esoteric Teachings & Revelations, p 408

When living with true authority we are consciously being present with our body in every moment by moving and expressing with the impulse at the time it is felt. This is done with no expectation or idea of any outcome. An example could be feeling to move in a certain direction and then finding that you are walking in synchronicity with someone who shares valuable information with you, and/or you are sharing information as it naturally unfolds from your body.

This is the flow of harmony and allows evolution.

True authority is empowering and cannot be taken away, only disconnected from, and then what is not love flows through us. We fail to understand that our bodies are vessels of energy and that we either allow one of two energies – spirit or soul – in the energetic battle for the body.

When we allow the energy of our soul within our inner heart, harmony prevails, however if we disconnect from this truth, we relinquish the true authority of our bodies and give our innate power away to something outside of ourselves and hence enters the harming effects of spiritual energy or prana, which is disharmonious to us because we are resisting the energy of truth and love as who we intrinsically are. Anything that is not love is abuse in some form or another, and consequently the proliferation of harming behaviours.

When we forgo the power of our innate energetic truth it results in the prevalence of corrupt systems in all levels of society that are unchallenged until we understand and use our authority to express truth and love and we stop giving our true power away by feeding those systems based on separation, greed and corruption. Until we are aware of the innate power and true authority we hold within and use it to serve humanity instead of denying our responsibilities, nothing will change in the world because we are all connected to each other by energy.

There is no love or harmony if we fight or resist truth.

If we neglect our true authority then we can expect life to be complex or chaotic and without true purpose, instead of a natural way of life to be simple by feeling the divine intention that we are to work with in every moment of our lives. By searching for something outside of ourselves for anything we dismiss the wonder, beauty and completeness that we were born with that lives inside us; we are already everything and also everything we actually require for a full life is awaiting us to connect to.

"Resistance to our own inner truth is our greatest impediment"

Serge Benhayon Esoteric & Exoteric Philosophy, p 60

Living with the true authority of who we are as Sons of God means to express and move in the lived connection, and acceptance and appreciation of this fact. It is allowing the flow of divine energy as love to flow through the particles of our body and be expansive in supporting our life and serving humanity.

“In order to access the ease and flow of our true potency, and its capacity, we must understand what it is to express, and with that present all that is there to express. We are living reservoirs of great love and truth, vessels through which great wisdom can flow, in and through, and out to all as it is designed to be.”

Serge Benhayon Esoteric Teachings and Revelations II, p 133

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  • By Susan Wilson, Dip. Professional Writing and Editing

    I love to inspire people and have found the way I do this is to live and express the truth of the love that I am and we all are equally so.

  • Photography: Matt Paul