The Way of The Livingness – It’s My Religion

The Way of The Livingness – It’s My Religion

The Way of The Livingness – It’s My Religion

My religion is The Way of The Livingness; through it I know who I am, I know God and know God is a part of me.

The Way of The Livingness does not carry strict dogma that needs to be adhered to, but a set of tenets that allows each individual to live their way within The Way – that way being The Way of Love.

The guiding and founding principles of The Way of The Livingness are love, brotherhood, harmony, truth, equal-ness and harmlessness to self and one’s fellow man.

At the core of this religion is that we are ALL the Sons of God and that the Kingdom of God resides within. By living in a way that honours, loves and respects the self, the love that is naturally inside can be felt, lived and expressed to inspire others to see that they too carry the light of God.

There is no preaching, no worshipping, no church to attend, but a way of life that supports one to know that they are from God.

There is no exclusiveness, no chosen ones and no sinners. We are all equal and all from the same God.

It is a religion that comes from the relationship I have with myself, my friends, family and work colleagues and every single human being, along with my relationship with nature and the Divine.

The Way of The Livingness is a practical religion where from knowing I am love I choose to treat myself lovingly in a way that respects not only my spiritual aspect, but my physical body too. I treat myself with tenderness, dedication and devotion, from the way I eat, exercise, sleep, work and play to how I pray and meditate.

This loving way is not something I reserve for myself or for my family but is extended to every single member of humanity, as the whole of humanity is my family as we come from the one same Divine Father.

The Way of The Livingness is not designed for one to benefit or rise over another, it is the true way of God, The Way that will lead us all back to Heaven.

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  • By Dr Rachel Hall, Dentist

    Dentist, business owner, writer, author and presenter. Family woman, guitarist, photographer, passionate about health, wellbeing and community. Lover of Vietnamese food, fast cars, social media, café culture and people.

  • Photography: Clayton Lloyd