Astral – Maya, Glamour & Illusion

Astral – Maya, Glamour & Illusion

"We are vessels of light/vehicles of expression. Thus, we have a responsibility to choose the true source of energy that will make us all that we will be. There are only two sources to choose from: Fire or Astral energy. Choose Fire and you will in time know without a doubt you are the Son of God. Choose Astral energy and just about anything goes, all that is not truly Divine will be available to you. From the false divine to the grotesque and everything in between, the Astral offers it all."

Serge Benhayon Teachings & Revelations for The Livingness, Volume III, ed 1, p 291

If the above quote is true, and we only have a choice of one of two sources of energy and one is Godly and one grotesque, wouldn’t it be essential to know about these two energies so that we can make a responsible and wise choice?

"All life is a result of either spirit or Soul. Or said this way – all life is an impulse of astral or fiery energy, it is never both – it is always one or the other. What you see is what you get they say but only if you are prepared to feel will you know what you are truly getting. (S.B. 2001)"

Serge Benhayon Esoteric Teachings & Revelations Volume II, ed 1, p 51

It is quite a revelation the more you see “what you are truly getting” as the above quote shares. The first step is to understand the difference between spirit and Soul and the energies that each express.

Our Soul is Divine, an aspect of God. The energy it expresses is known as Fire.

Our spirit is behind all our woes. It is a fragmented, separated part that walked away from the whole. The spirit expresses astral or pranic energy until it eventually chooses to return to Soul.

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It really bears repeating that there are two sources of energy and our responsibility to learn the difference as the next quote reminds us again.

"There are only two sources from which to source all there is to source.

And the two and only two available sources are a) the astral plane and its spirit based or spiritual based mental forces, or b) the Soul plane and its Divine fiery light, love and wisdom. This is why we are here to learn how to make energetically true choices. In other words, we are here to learn how to choose the right energetic source that will then provide all the energetically true choices we make thereafter."

Serge Benhayon Esoteric Teachings & Revelations Volume II, ed 1, p 142

The attributes of our Soul are Love, Truth, Joy, Harmony and Stillness. If any expression does not contain these qualities in their true vibration then it is not soulful and thus astral or pranic.

Prana is a very basic and dense form of life. It is the Divine life force for nature and creatures and thus not ‘bad’ per se. It was never designed to be a source of expressive energy for humans. It makes us animalistic and disconnected from our multidimensional divinity. Prana can appear to be dark, dense and at times gross, making it seem evil whereas it generally is not that evil for the true evil is found in the astral.

Astral energy is Divine by origin, but severely corrupted and illusionary in its expressed and misused intent. It incites us to use mental energy and makes out that it is the higher-self whereas it is furthest from our Soul and the truth of who we are.

Astral energy can incite, excite, present in many colours from bright to pastel, channel, appear blissful and enlightened and fool us if we allow it to do so. However, once we have reconnected to our Soul it is very clear to see how empty and far from fire astral energy is.

When it comes to expression our evolution is to only use the energy of Fire and not astral or prana.

"If we choose astral energy, our sense will be dismissive, misguidedly superior, disengaged and not committed to the practicalities of human life: this is where spirituality draws one away from the true yoga of reality by the allure of its illusion and its fantasy of mindful imagery.

He or she who has chosen such false bright light is more lost than the unawakened human being. "

Serge Benhayon Esoteric Teachings & Revelations Volume II, ed 1, p 89

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The difference between Prana and Astral

Both Prana and Astral energies are Divine in origin but one is pure whilst the other is bastardised.

In its essence the word astral comes from the Latin word astrum and the Greek word Astron meaning ‘star’. Later in the 17th Century it came to mean ‘pertaining to supersensible substances‘ and this was popularised by the Theosophists of the late 19th century.

But how can something that ‘comes from the stars’ be such an energetic poison to our body?

This is because there has been a common misconception and a very deliberate bastardisation that astral energy comes from our ‘higher self’ when in truth, it comes from the very part of us (the spirit) that separated from our divine self, that is, the part of us that divorced ourselves from the stars. And just as the astral world is not a heavenly world that lies veiled behind the temporal, astral energy is not the breath of the Soul, it is the inhibitor of it.

In truth, we could say that astral energy has its origins in the stars but because it has been so heavily corrupted and manipulated by us as spirits in order to live in a world of form driven by our self-created desires, it in no way resembles the heavenly bodies its name originally hails from.

The astral plane / consciousness is made up of three layers. They are known as Maya (tamas), Glamour (rajas) and Illusion (sattva). You could also add a fourth in there known as Brahman. However, Brahman is not technically a layer of its own but represents the most elite or higher aspect of each of the other layers. For example the most devious forms of Maya and Illusion and the most righteous form of Glamour.

The following excerpt from Serge Benhayon’s book The Way It Is provides us with further details on these layers:


The Astral Plane is made up of seven levels of emotional energy. The seven levels are categorised into three divisions or categories. Each division is defined by the quality of the vibrational frequencies of the Egoic-body. The three divisions are Maya, Glamour and Illusion.

The first three levels are known as Maya. The fourth and fifth levels are known as the forces of Glamour or just Glamour, and the sixth and seventh levels are known as the forces of Illusion or just the Illusion.

Maya is the first division, Glamour the second and Illusion is the third division of the Astral Plane.

Maya can be simply described as identification of 'self' by emotion and only through emotions. These spirits and human incarnates only perceive and live by what has been done to them by others. They see the world only through their inner-suffering and through their unresolved inner-turmoil.

Glamour can be described as those who identify 'self' in what they do and in all they do. For these, all that is done is a reflection of who they are and what they believe they are identified with, to and from the world. The appearances of the flesh and the outer qualities are a reflective image of who they think they are.

Illusion is the mental incarceration of the first two. Their emotional pain is locked into their emotional body and hence, they seek the intellect for exclusive expression. The discarnates and incarnates who are ruled by the force of Illusion are in denial of such emotional imprisonment and thus, proceed to intellectualise themselves, numbing their emotional instability and hence, identification of 'self' is derived from intellectual ideals, divine ideologues, acquired intellectual achievements and the notion that those beneath them are there to serve their ideology. They believe in the power of the ideologue as having the answers to the world problems.

None of the above bodies of expression or consciousness contain the true qualities of love that stem from the inner-heart. For them, love is an emotional state or a calculated mental expression.

Serge Benhayon, The Way It Is, ed 2, p 102 - 103

"The force of illusion is the last frontier and the greatest final hurdle to eliminate before the 'separative veil of evil' is lifted and thus true life is found.

The last frontier is reached after man has eliminated his own Maya, defeats the great force of his own Glamour, and then finally, he stands before the great Illusion of it all.

Whatever you are aligned to, you get all that comes with it,
not just the part you like about it.

Forget this not. "

Serge Benhayon Esoteric & Exoteric Philosophy, ed 1, p 147

Astral energy and expression is based on emotion. All different varieties and flavours but in essence it is all emotion.

The emotions might be obvious, perhaps violent, intense or crude such as in maya or prideful forms of identification with what one does such as in glamour or identification with beliefs and ideals such as in illusion. However, they are still all forms of emotions and self-identity.

An emotion is a mis-interpreted, mis-informed or ill-expressed feeling. At best it is a reaction to a feeling.

When we are emotional we can be easily controlled. Emotions are harmful to our bodies and to others and keep us away from the great love, wisdom, compassion and one-ness that we truly are.

Astral energy impulses us to be emotional and in turn our emotional expression feeds and sustains the astral plane at the expense of all.

The Soul and Fiery energy do not contain emotions. There is not one ounce of emotion in true love. The astral is no match for the fiery light of the Soul which easily exposes it.

"Like any other person of this world, you are always only a breath away from the astral plane and its immense deceit and illusion as we are all only a few breaths away from our Soul and the Divine love it eternally is.

The choice is always yours to make."

Serge Benhayon Esoteric Teachings & Revelations Volume I, ed 1, p 117

Teachings of Serge Benhayon presented and compiled by Nicola Lessing and Liane Mandalis

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