What if we lived every day as Mother’s Day?

What if we lived every day as Mother’s Day?

What if we lived every day as Mother’s Day?

Mother’s Day is the assigned one day of the year where we are expected to bring our mothers breakfast in bed, or take them out for lunch, or buy them flowers or gifts, or otherwise celebrate them for all that they do for us every day of the year. It is a big day for florists, for cafés and restaurants, and a big day for retail in general.

We as mothers may wait for this day and the acknowledgement from others of all that we do for everyone else, every day of the year, but what are we waiting for? What happens if the expected celebrations do not take place, if we don’t feel appreciated by others? And what if instead of waiting for someone else to celebrate us, we were to be in the celebration of what it means to be a mother and a woman not just on one day, but every day of the year?

What does it mean to be a mother?

There is an immense physicality to being a mother, to bearing and raising children and all that comes with that. Women have an innate strength and endurance that allows us to carry on, day after day, sometimes under the most physically, mentally, and emotionally challenging circumstances. However, sometimes our greatest challenge is to not lose ourselves in playing the role of mother, thinking that we need to make ourselves subservient to the needs of our children at the expense of ourselves. We are not here to be their forever servants; we are here to love them and support them to learn to care for themselves, by holding them as our equals and living that same love, care and respect for ourselves.

"A revelation on parenting:

It will be our wisest move when we realise that we are to raise adults in little bodies until they are adults in big bodies. The key therefore is to not allow the adult in the little body to grow up to be a child in a bigger body."

Serge Benhayon Esoteric Teachings & Revelations Volume II, ed 1, p 302

The love we hold within is immense, but we are not perfect as humans, and sometimes we make mistakes. We can accept this as an unavoidable part of being a human being and remind ourselves that there is no perfection to be sought outside of us but that inside we are already whole and complete, or we can give ourselves a hard time for our imperfections and try even harder, which is what most of us do. With that attitude, motherhood can become an endless guilt trip of us feeling like we have failed, are not and never will be good enough, need to try harder, do more, and so we can end up on a hamster wheel of endless trying, going around and around, exhausting ourselves in the never-ending quest to be perfect mothers. Perfect mothers on the outside who are celebrated with flowers and gifts once a year when on the inside we may have abandoned our sacredness and true source of strength that allows us to live the joy of being a woman before being a mother every day.

We all have pictures around what being a mother means, and how we should be as a mother; pictures that have come from outside us, from our own mothers and the way we were raised, and the expectations placed on us from other women and men in our lives and through the media around us – pictures that we inevitably fail to live up to. Why? Because motherhood is not just a superhuman feat of doing, it is a quality of being that has to be lived first by us, from within, from the essence of who we are.

The quality of true mothering is a woman’s sacredness that when lived, deeply nurtures every human being. Nurturing is the ‘inner-layer’ of caring that prepares you for the future and is not a pandering but a beholding energy that holds them in the love that we are, knowing they are also and equally that same love.

Our connection to mothering may start with the children we bear and raise, but in truth mothering is an expression we can all equally live and it unfolds in its wholeness when we let go of the ‘ownership’ of our children and live from the knowing that all children are ‘our’ children and that we can only be love and equally show them how to be that love in all facets of their lives too.

Where does that nurturing quality, the ‘inner-layer’ of caring comes from? And what is the quality of that care?

We can care for people in a tick-box, functional kind of way, feeding, clothing, and raising them physically. We can do the bare minimum just to get by, or we can go all out to make sure we are doing it better than anyone else, that our kids are the most beautiful, best dressed, smartest, sportiest, nicest, most spoilt and indulged, or whatever our preferred flavour of comparison and competition is.

But this all has nothing to do with the nurturing quality true mothering is. To be able to nurture another starts with nurturing ourselves. If we as women live in the absoluteness of being sacred before all else, we cannot but deeply nurture, honour, respect and cherish ourselves as women and then all the activities we do in life, including being a mother, will be imbued with that quality of nurturing, the ‘inner-layer’ of caring.

"Sacredness is a living quality that holds women connected to their inner-most truth – it is not something that needs to be separated from the normality of every-day life."

Natalie Benhayon Quote obtained from Esoteric Women's Health Facebook Page

A woman in her sacredness inspires other women, including her own daughters, to live in and from that sacredness too, to cherish their bodies and beings, to deeply honour and respect themselves, to nurture themselves deeply and to treat all others with that same care. She leaves no room for jealousy, comparison and competition to enter and have their way with her and those around her, but holds them all in the love that she too is.

A woman in her sacredness holds herself in the love that she is, and when she is with her partner she holds them both in that same and equal love. There is no room for abuse of any kind, meaning anything less than this beholding energy of true love. And this model of true relationship is offered to her children, so that her girls are free to be girls and young women and her boys are free to be boys and young men, free of any needs or desires for them to be a certain way to fulfil the mother who is not fulfilling herself.

A woman in her sacredness celebrates herself, each and every day, as the glorious woman and divine being she naturally is. She lives each day in celebration of the love that she lives, breathes and moves, and includes everyone in that celebration. If she is celebrated from without, that is appreciated and embraced, but it is not looked for or needed as knows she is already everything within. When life is lived this way, every day is a cause for celebration.

This may sound huge and unreachable to begin with, but it is not. Knowing this to be the truth of who we are invites us on an exploration inwards; it offers us to not reach outside for the stars, but to be the grandness of the stars – a grandness that forever lives within us. There is no need for perfection as the unfolding of one’s innermost quality is a forever deepening process that begins wherever we make the start, and from there it expands.

No matter when and where we start to nurture ourselves it will ignite the sacredness that is our inner-most truth, and that sacredness will flow through our veins in every moment of our lives, not just on one day.

“If you only have 1% of quality give that 1% a 100%.
Live the quality you have and it will expand.

Natalie Benhayon Presentation/Workshop on Self-Worth, 11.08.2018

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