The way you move is vital to getting a new job

Have you ever considered that the way you move is vital to getting a new job?

The way you move is vital to getting a new job

The all-important job interview: most people hold it high on the list of life events they need to be prepared for, and will do their best to come across in a positive light.

We want to communicate that we are the best fit for the job at hand, and that we are someone worth hiring – someone with qualities like reliability, trustworthiness and consistency, and someone who will provide excellent results. The interview day comes and you walk into the interview and attempt to communicate all of these things. But what most of us don’t consider is the fact that the way you have lived, and every choice you have made up until that moment, is present with you and is being communicated through your body language, your movements and your voice. Although you may think you only present with words, the fact is your body is communicating too and everything is being seen, felt and registered by your prospective employer.

If you think about it, it’s crazy to think you can turn up to a job interview and simply ‘flick a switch’ and magically be everything you want to be. We are responsible for living in way that defines the quality of who we are in whatever we are doing, including a job interview. If you want an employer to know you are honest and reliable, then living in that manner in your everyday life develops those qualities in yourself, and through your movements they are communicated. Therefore all that you can truly offer is present through your movements, and without any need for pretending or trying it will all naturally be there.

The way you move defines the qualities you communicate.

Are your movements delayed or rushed, and are you fully present in what you are doing? When the mind and the body are together in whatever is being attended to, there is a conscious presence that develops. That presence and commitment in your movement communicates a presence and commitment in life, and this is what you naturally then bring to your work, and in fact all you do.

Your movements are vitally important. They determine your thoughts and therefore your choices, and thus the way you move right up to the job interview itself will affect the end result.  So if you have a job interview in a week from now, start moving today in a committed way, and the commitment that you are will walk into the interview with you.

In this audio Serge Benhayon shares how our movements are affecting us all of the time.

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We are known by our movements

Presenting how the way we move is our first form of communication and affects us in a job interview and everything we do.

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