Developing Conscious Presence Gentle Breath Meditation®

Developing Conscious Presence Gentle Breath Meditation®

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Developing Conscious Presence Gentle Breath Meditation

When the in-breath and the out-breath are both performed in conscious presence, you get what’s called a totality, a perfect and complete rhythm.

The key in this Gentle Breath Meditation® is to engage the mind in the fact that it’s making a choice, and that the choice is being carried out immediately as the mind remains with the action it chooses to make without a gap.

  • Begin by creating a known, a certain quality - in this case gentleness and deliver this known to the body through the breath.
  • Observe that in staying with the gentle in-breath and out-breath, and the body organises itself into a totality, a complete rhythm.
  • The union of the mind thinking and the body acting in accordance to that thought is known as conscious presence.

The opposite of conscious presence is disengagement or a disorganisation, a gap where you are not with yourself in what you are doing. The gaps increase to become the checked-out state people often live in – this is how we end up with the racy minds that are far away from where we actually are and without the power and authority of our presence.

With conscious presence you develop a rhythm between the mind and the body. Enjoy the power of your own presence.

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