The Magic of Esoteric Yoga

Esoteric Yoga – changing awareness, movement, and the way we go through the day

The Magic of Esoteric Yoga

“An Esoteric Yoga class is done either laying down or sitting in a chair. It is presented as a sequence of simple, everyday movements that support us to re-establish our connection with our body and the quality of our movements. We learn that we are constantly choosing the quality of our movements and that the way we move, at some point, affects how we are feeling and the awareness our body can give us.”[1]

In the article below we explore how the movements in an Esoteric Yoga sessions relate to the movements in life and how the template used in Esoteric Yoga supports us to bring awareness to the way we move and our behaviours.

A template is a sequence of simple movements that are done throughout the session. The Motion referred to is the more active part, and the Repose is the laying down more settled position.

Yesterday I had two Esoteric Yoga sessions – one as a client and one as a practitioner in training – and the everyday relevance and practical application of the Esoteric Yoga template. Let me explain.

In my session as a client it became very clear that I needed to bring more focus to certain areas of my life to do with work and my daily rhythm. And thus, the motion part of the template as well as not treating repose as some kind of relief or rest or an opportunity to have a break or slack off came to the fore. Life goes on, after all – and we are not ever not part of it, regardless of our adopted posture at the time.

And so I moved my legs, raised and lowered them with acute and finely attuned attentiveness and did not miss a beat, knowing full well that every small part of each sequence represents a part, however minute, of my daily life cycle – initiating, moving, staying connected, feeling the body from the body, moving again, staying connected, feeling the body from the body, completing and assessing.

Doing the Esoteric Yoga felt very much like a blueprint for my movements in daily life, an exact and telling replica of where there might be gaps, little jumps, an inattentiveness or lack of presence and commitment. And likewise it was shown where there is presence, connection, delicateness and oneness of body and mind. These movements stood in for, represented and shed light on all and sundry – from getting out of bed, brushing my teeth, having a shower, writing a job application, working on a text to doing the cooking. The list is endless, as is living life in its myriad of nuances.

It felt amazing and very humbling to honour even the smallest increment of every movement of the template and appreciate the lessons big and small on offer. A truly enriching, deeply stilling and revelatory experience.

But there is more …

In the second session the client mentioned that they wanted to bring more care, love and tenderness to how they deal with their increased awareness, especially when relating to other people. They had observed that greater awareness and noticing things they had not ever consciously been aware of in the past could at times lead to a hint of abruptness, a bit of impatience or slight annoyance even.

And again, the Esoteric Yoga template came into its own, offering a greater depth of appreciation and confirmation in the repose part; qualities that are inclusive of all and all life and not ever in judgment of, at the expense of or to the detriment of any other.

The dedicated and meticulous application in the repose part of the Esoteric Yoga session brought a sense of expansiveness and appreciation of self as well as increased awareness that was much more all-encompassing, if not to say universal. It did not exclude or elevate anyone but confirmed our equalness as we all re-learn and practise moving in True Movement – and talking about movement here in the broadest possible sense, thus including not only the tangible and visible physicality but thoughts, intentions and the five physical senses as well.

Both Esoteric Yoga sessions were magnificently supportive, revealing much and offering an opportunity to look more closely at patterns and behaviours that did not serve any longer. And the body and the being always feel exquisite after having been showered with delicacy, commitment and dedication and bathed in presence.


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