Why we bring conscious presence to the eyes in Esoteric Yoga

Why we bring conscious presence to the eyes in Esoteric Yoga

The eye area is a delicate and sensitive part of our body and there is so much that can be felt here when we bring our focus and conscious presence to the eyes.

By bringing our awareness to this small but delicate area of our body we get a greater sense of any tension or strain in the eye or the tiny muscles around the eyes, and we might get a sense of where the eyes sit in their sockets: are they protruding forwards or sitting back and allowing what is in front of us to be seen as it is? The gentle focus lets us feel if there has been any strain or trying to look too hard – over-using the sense of sight to understand the world, or make it feel manageable.

When we bring our conscious presence to the eyes in an Esoteric Yoga session we ask ourselves to embrace the detail and sensitivity with which we can be with ourselves; to gently deepen our awareness. In fact, the simplicity of bringing conscious presence to the eyes offers us the space to get detailed, up close and personal: it is a delicately, deeply revealing part of the Esoteric Yoga session.

This experiential video with the focus on the eyes will give you a taste of where we can go with conscious presence.

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  • By Vicky Geary, B.Bus (Accountancy), Dip.Yoga Teaching, Dip. Training & Assessment, Grad Dip. Childhood & Youth Studies

    Vicky has been working in private and public colleges in Australia for over 15 years and shares body awareness education with adults and young people. She combines learning and technology to make programs accessible and relatable to life.

  • By Rosanna Bianchini, BA Hons, Complementary therapies practitioner, EPA Recognised

    Graphic designer, property manager, Esoteric Yoga practitioner and day-to-day explorer of the philosophy, religion and science of life – sharing life with family and friends in the riverside, market town of Evesham, UK

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