The Essence of Yoga

Throughout the history of yoga and up to the present day there have been a multitude of interpretations and claims as to the essence of yoga, and what yoga is or is not.

The word yoga actually means ‘union’ and is commonly accepted to mean ‘to join’, ‘unite’, ‘yoke’ or ‘attach’, suggesting that through the practice of yoga we can re-connect or re-unite to a deeper knowing within ourselves. Throughout recorded history we encounter the notion that humanity has an inner knowing, a divine aspect – the Soul.

Many teachers and philosophers such as Pythagoras, Plato, Patanjali and Jesus have referred to this sacredness within us all, and that there is a way of being and living that naturally supports our re-connection with Soul in a real and practical way.

Yoga in essence can therefore be described as living in union with this sacredness.

Those who have represented the true essence of yoga through the ages have lived and embodied the truth, that the union of our Soul in this body is not only possible, but our natural way – a way that accepts the responsibility and potential we all hold, for being the reflection of our true divine nature in everyday life.

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Where man meets Soul

It could be said that the birth of The Way of The Livingness began 2,500 years ago with Pythagoras and the ensuing Pythagoreans. However the principles of purpose and dedication towards responsibility, towards love, towards developing the Kingly or Divine body have not changed.

The very nature and essence of yoga is an all-encompassing philosophy touching every aspect of human life. It confirms our connection with our divine nature, whilst addressing the ways we have diverged from that true way of being.

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