Should we re-consider what illness and disease mean for us?

Should we re-consider what illness and disease mean for us?

Should we re-consider what illness and disease mean for us?

When we get sick, we want to fix it, we want it to go away. This is natural, and illness and disease definitely have to be treated as effectively as possible.

But what if only looking at the surface of the disease is not where it is at? What if there is more for us to address?

What if the illness and disease is reflecting that there is something deeply at odds within ourselves that has created this disease and illness?

What if illness and disease are a very profound form of healing that brings our bodies towards greater harmony and joy?

This would certainly be a different way to look at things, and one that the modern medical world does not assess nor validate at present, as it is focussed on treating the symptoms of disease rather than healing the deeper issue that has caused the disease.

It is very important to treat illness and disease. But what if we were to look deeper at why the illness and disease were there – what might that reveal to us about ourselves?

And what if we were to consider the presence of an illness or disease not as a curse and something to be borne as an almighty inconvenience, but more something that is a great sign to bring our awareness towards something deeper to heal that can bring us closer to ourselves?

Consider this:

The esoteric teachings hold that we are naturally divine. That we are naturally loving and joyful, that these are our natural ways of being. The esoteric teachings hold that our bodies reflect the way that we live, so that when we live in accordance with our divine nature, we have bodies that reflect that, and when we live at odds and in denial in some way of our divine nature, that we are living therefore in disharmony with ourselves, and thus disharmony will naturally be reflected in the body in the form of dis-ease and dis-harmony, and then ultimately disease whether it be headaches, breathing problems, musculoskeletal pain, or more rampant physical diseases such as cancer, heart disease or neurological dysfunction.

If our natural way is to be divine and to have harmonious health and to live well and vitally, then would it not be a great thing to be rid of anything that stands in the way between us and our natural state of being?

If we start to see life from that perspective then it changes the way we see illness and disease, and it changes the way we view health and ill health.

If we consider that illness and disease are markers that show we are living not true to who we are and what we are truly capable of living, then we would see that all that is not that, is seen is a blessing, to be healed so that we may return to who we are.

If we were to view life in that way, then when we have an illness and or disease, we would seek the best doctors and the best physicians and surgeons as needed, but we would also seek the support of those good in nutrition and those who would be able to offer us an understanding as to why that disease is there and what it represents in terms of what needs healing to bring us towards our whole again.

We would no longer feel cursed by illness and disease, although we would most certainly be discomfited by it, but rather we would embrace it as part of our healing that walks us on our path back to who we truly are.

"Esoteric medicine is the basis and root of all healing. It is a form of medicine that begins with knowing how you truly are in your inner-most and then it looks out to the furthest point away from that which it knows is the deepest Divine essence. The furthest point out is always our greatest ill and, it is the known point of most disharmony."

Serge Benhayon Esoteric Teachings & Revelations, p 570

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