Apparently I have cancer

My statement above is a bit of tongue in cheek, as I have been diagnosed with cancer, but most days I forget I have such a diagnosis because I feel so much vitality in my body, and life for me just goes on as if I do not have a terminal disease.

The Diagnosis

In May 2015 I was diagnosed with cancer in my right lung, and a lobectomy of one third of my lung was performed which was followed by chemotherapy. For some time I was clear and then over the last two years I have had some small recurrences which were treated with some medication that was quite savage on the body.

In April 2018 my cancer had progressed to Stage 4 terminal, with metastasised cancers in both lungs and the brain. Today I am currently being treated with immunotherapy infusions every two weeks.

This may sound quite traumatic considering what my body has been through and I have certainly had my moments, so why do I feel so well…?

Four years prior to my diagnosis I started as a student of the Ageless Wisdom at Universal Medicine. The presenter Serge Benhayon made a lot of sense to me and my body experienced a feeling of being home – a contentment and an ease that I had not experienced since I was a child.

My life up until this point had been reckless: I drank a lot of alcohol, smoked marijuana and cigarettes, I had low self-worth, I was reactionary, loved drama, was stressed out and physically hard on my body. I was always trying to please others at the expense of myself, I had high expectations of myself and others, I judged others if they did not meet my requirements and I felt unloved. I felt that I was a responsible person by turning up to work every day, I ate well and exercised, but I was in a relationship that I was struggling in and I knew there was something missing in my life.

For thirty years or more I had been searching for the ‘something missing’ so I had tried every spiritual modality and read as many self-help books as I could, to no avail. There was always some thread of truth that I would connect to, but it was never the whole package.

My first Sacred Esoteric Healing course

What was presented at the first Sacred Esoteric Healing course I attended with Universal Medicine was that “everything is energy” and therefore “everything is because of energy” and there was an opportunity to choose to live in a way that was either healing or harming to the body and to others. During that course and subsequent courses that I attended I experienced very simple hands-on healing techniques where my body was able to surrender with a deep trust and a knowing – I felt an inner connection of love.

I began to realise that the way I was living was harming me and I stopped drinking alcohol over time: I also gave up cigarettes and coffee because even though I thought they were relaxing me, I came to realise they were actually stimulating my body.

I gained a lot of knowledge about the Ancient Wisdom that came from many of the great philosophers and world teachers but I was not living the teachings; I was so excited to find the truth but I was too busy talking about it from a mental perspective, instead of applying the teachings by living them and connecting to them through my own body.

I began receiving regular Sacred Esoteric Healing and Chakra-puncture sessions, which supported me to re-connect to my inner essence and to understand what was going on in my body. Gradually I started to live the teachings by becoming more aware of the energetic imprint I was leaving in everything I did, which was a big wakeup call and made me realise how irresponsible I had been.


I had an inkling long before I came to Universal Medicine that I had to own some level of responsibility when I got sick or injured, so by the time I received my cancer diagnosis it was a shock for a few minutes, but I immediately realised that I was not surprised, considering the way I had lived for 54 years.

What unfolded was nothing short of a miracle. I completely surrendered to what I was about to experience and accepted that this was what was ahead of me.

There were two ways to go with this diagnosis:

  1. To react, blame outside circumstances and be a victim to get attention or…
  2. To take responsibility for my diagnosis and embrace with grace the treatment and the huge healing that was on offer.

I chose the second option and I accepted the support offered by Medical Professionals, along with the support of Sacred Esoteric Healing practitioners and sessions.

Throughout my treatment I connected more deeply to the Ageless Wisdom teachings and my awareness increased to a point of being able to feel all my organs, muscles, and bones and to realise there is a being within me, as well as my physical body.

I was able to discern what was going on in my physical body and make the adjustments that were necessary with my diet, exercise, sleep, rest and nurturing; meanwhile the being within was feeling joy that the physical body was being looked after so lovingly.

Never once was I told do anything or to be a certain way – every choice I made came from what I experienced through the connection to my own body; we are all unique in that respect.

I have become an observer of life, living with a steady solidness, seeing everyone as an equal and sharing my love, which has brought an interconnectedness to life, people, my soul and an understanding that all is part of God.

For me, I know without question that cancer is a clearing by the soul of the ill energy that has accumulated because of the choices I have made. It’s not a payback, more of a correction done with the most divine love and I know that I have been given an opportunity to truly heal my hurts.

The physical body can be having a rough day, but having the connection to the being within and accepting and taking responsibility for my part in the process makes it possible to feel so amazing… and this is why I am able to live with such joy and feel so much vitality while living with cancer, a terminal illness.

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  • By Susan Evans, Diploma in Frontline Management and Advanced Diploma in Management