The Sacred Esoteric Healing modality

The Sacred Esoteric Healing modality

The Sacred Esoteric Healing modality

Sacred Esoteric Healing (SEH) is a technique where the (fully clothed) client receives gentle application of hands on healing to different parts of the body. It is a non-intrusive, non-invasive technique that supports and allows the client to deeply rest with themselves.

As with all the Esoteric modalities, it does not offer to ‘cure’ any disease or ill, but offers the client a place of repose where a deeper awareness of their condition can facilitate the opportunity for change in behaviours, attitudes and beliefs that may not support harmony in the body and in life.

Esoteric does not mean ‘hidden’ or ‘secret’ as is commonly assumed, but in this context refers to this place of repose – ‘the innermost’.

Many find this connection to this state through the quiet and stillness offered by Sacred Esoteric Healing, and have truly benefited in their personal health and overall lifestyle by being able to introduce this quality of the innermost into a way of daily living.

Sacred Esoteric Healing is founded on the principle that ‘everything is energy and everything is because of energy’ Serge Benhayon.

From the basis that everything is 'because of energy', Sacred Esoteric Healing looks at the fact that this means that every ill or condition has an energetic root that needs to be addressed. Therefore, even if all the symptoms of a disease are ‘cured’ (for example, through conventional treatment), the underlying energetic imprint of that condition may remain.

If the underlying energetic root cause of a condition is not healed, then the cause can be buried, only to turn up later, needing to be ‘fixed’ again with more treatment, regardless of whether the superficial symptom that was first experienced was cured or not. Thus, a cure (by whatever means it is achieved) is not necessarily a healing.

True healing, as represented by the ancient lineage that is Sacred Esoteric Healing, resolves the underlying root energetic cause, so that there is nothing to resurface down the line.

With this understanding, the esoteric healing arts of which Sacred Esoteric Healing is a part, have a stated respect and appreciation for conventional medicine and the great benefit and assistance it can bring everyone. Practitioners of the esoteric healing arts work closely with practitioners of conventional medicine and see that it is in the combination of the two that a holistic approach can be offered to the client or patient.

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What is Sacred Esoteric Healing?

Revealing what energetic awareness is and how we can heal ourselves when we understand energy is the underlying cause of illness and disease.

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