True philosophy and true religion – this is it

This book speaks to the soul and represents true religion, this book is it.

True philosophy and true religion – this is it

The first book to be published by Serge Benhayon The Way It Is appeared on the table in my living room in March 2007 when a friend of mine gave me my first Esoteric Healing session.

I was still living in England then and it was a time of great stress and anxiety for me.

What I immediately felt, when starting to read the book, was that it spoke straight to my Soul and the energy of the way it is written went right through me and to my heart. I have heard that the way English is used in this book is not easy to follow at times, but I don't find it is the case for me, as I don't have any pre-conceived idea about how it should be written because English is not my first language.

I have read all Serge's books - twice - and I can say that if there was ever true philosophy and true religion to be found anywhere, then this is it.

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  • By Maryline Decompoix, Esoteric Therapies practitioner; EPA Recognised

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