Educated food choices – become your own physician!

The Medical Profession is asleep; educate ourselves for food choices.

Educated food choices – become your own physician!

“Food plays a central role in almost all diseases” (Dr Mercola).

So WHY IS IT that over “99% of Physicians” (Dr Mercola again) are not doing anything and not saying anything about this massive problem that is prematurely killing millions and leading health systems towards bankruptcy?

Dr Robert Lustig responds – “It is only a recent survey that (finds) only 19% of Medical Schools (in the USA) teach nutrition in medical school! If food is medicine, and if all these chronic metabolic diseases are diet related and are preventable, which they are, should not physicians know something about food? They know about drugs partly because the drug industry has done a very good job of selling itself to the medical profession, whereas the food industry has gone the other route and re-made itself (due to subsidies) into this consumable chemical industry which we Physicians do not understand.

When you hear two eminent physicians like Drs Mercola and Lustig discussing, in earnest, the lack of education of most of the medical and nutrition professions[1] and the lack of motivation of those same professions to speak out, then you scratch your head to say: “No wonder we are paying so much in taxes. No wonder the health system cannot cope. No wonder the budgets are groaning under the pressure of health expenditure. No wonder the morale of the health industry employees is at an all-time low. No wonder illness and disease are rising to epidemic proportions.” The Medical Profession is largely uneducated on a most important part of its role – nutrition.

Within the food industry, health matters generally conflict with ‘money making priorities’ whilst the drug industry is also making hay off the back of so many man-made epidemics. We are not likely to get help from the food or drug industries and the medical profession is largely asleep at the wheel. A perfect storm.

These circumstances are fervently beckoning to the rest of us to take our health into our own hands – as far as is possible. Until the medical profession awakens and joins its few pathfinders like Drs Mercola and Lustig featured here, we have no alternative other than to educate ourselves about all matters nutrition.

We, the citizens of this world, need to take energetic responsibility for our own wellbeing and therefore, as food (and beverage) plays such a huge part in our health agendas, we need to understand the energy of food and the basic biochemistry of food. Unimed Living shines the light in the direction of that understanding.

Notwithstanding some help from these pathfinder physicians, we are otherwise on our own. Through educating ourselves about nutrition and by becoming our own ‘Lab Rats’ it is not difficult – one will soon know more about nutrition than one’s local physician and start to appreciate the energetic responsibility of each food choice we make. Whether we are growing, buying or preparing food or whether we are having to eat out at a café or restaurant, we will soon learn about the energetic truth of food (and many, many damaging untruths).

As we progress through the evolutionary steps of ditching processed foods, eliminating sugar and grains and removing mind changing substances like coffee and alcohol, we will clear our own paths to reveal an ever-rich journey of food evolution ahead.

The energetic understanding of nutrition is a stepping-stone to much else that is offered for one’s evolution. As we clear the clogging, damp, racy and toxic foods, we open up for much, much more – for example, we can release the power of our sixth sense as we experiment with food choices.


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  • By Neil Gamble, Chairman & Director of Companies, Retired CEO

  • Photography: Matt Paul