Serge Benhayon on food, part 1 – The School of The Livingness

Serge Benhayon on food, part 1 – The School of The Livingness

Have you ever considered that there is more to your relationship with food than you realise?

For eons we have used food in ways other than its true purpose to nurture the body. And so, what if we have developed a way of using food to numb our natural ability to sense what is going on in life?

In this engaging video from The School of The Livingness website, philosopher, writer and presenter Serge Benhayon and illustrator Hemma Kearney beautifully present little gems of energetic truth on our relationship with food.

Discover more about how we can change the way we look at food in order to reconnect to our natural awareness and support our evolution back to who we truly are.

As Serge Benhayon suggests here, this could be known as “The Evolutionary Diet!”

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