Understanding our food choices (part 2)

Understanding Our Food Choices Part 2

Understanding our food choices (part 2)

In the previous article we looked at how there are always healing or harming forces or energies around and flowing through us, and that we can choose to align with either one of these two.

It is this alignment that is responsible for our food and beverage choices. It is a cyclical process around refining our food choices so that our bodies become clearer, and we get greater awareness which means we need to refine even further etc. As this process deepens, we can also begin to feel that even the energy in which we purchase, store and prepare our food, affects how we feel after eating the food.

Clients of mine who have engaged in this process tell me that they struggle to eat food prepared by certain people more than the same food prepared by others. This new level of energetic awareness means that we begin to take more care of what energy we are aligned to when we are preparing our own food and the food we prepare for others.

It’s not just the care we take when we wash and prepare the food, it’s also how we are feeling while we are doing this process. Which of the two energies have we aligned to and therefore how present are we to ourselves and the food we are touching? How gentle are we when cutting the pumpkin or slicing the fennel? If we are aligned with energy that is hurried, agitated, distracted, controlling or resentful then this energy will be transferred to the food we are preparing and will be absorbed by the people who eat the food.

Some people reading this may know from experience that it is true. I found it hard to believe until my body became clear enough to discern the different energy in which the food was prepared. The difference in the quality of the food is quite difficult to describe, it’s not actually the taste, or the texture – it’s an energetic quality in the food that feels healing for my body or it’s just food that I eat in order to fill up which is way less satisfying, and I am more likely to overeat because I don’t feel as nourished.

Of course, awareness of what we are aligned to influences all aspects of our lives. Every time there is a choice to be made, whether to go out or stay in, to accept an invitation, what to wear, what job to do, what to buy, how to parent, how to make love, how to cook, clean and wash, what to invest in, which bank to use, what car to drive etc.

Attaining this level of awareness is an exciting challenge and our relationship with food is a great place to begin. When our bodies are clearer of toxins, we are better able to discern the forces and to choose the loving alignment which ultimately connects us to the vast pool of loving wisdom that is on offer for us all.

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  • By Jean Gamble, Psychotherapist

    Jean works with individuals, couples, families, teenagers and children. She knows that when we move past our layers of protection from hurt and connect deeply with our innermost self we can have rich, satisfying and purposeful lives and relationships.

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